Parenting gets tough at times and sometimes it seems as easy as breathing. Parenting is a journey in which you invest the rest of your life once your child is born. There are some struggles when it comes to handling kids because they act differently and behave differently at many ages. But what fun is it to point out the hardest thing about parenting when we can recollect the times our kids were funny. Read on for laughing out loud and feeling grateful for the angel that is in your life.

Funny things only parents can relate to:

The funny things they say-

Every parent can relate to that time when their toddler said something that embarrassed them but mentally wanted to shout “ha! That’s what I think too.” children are innocent and they say what they feel. Sometimes parents are embarrassed and at times the guests get a little uncomfortable, but the moment is so funny that everyone laughs and it’s all well. These are the moments when you want to kiss and laugh with your child.

The me-rule vs. them-rule-

When you are raising a kid, you teach them some habits that are only applicable to them but not you. Parents can swear, lie, and not share whereas the kids are taught to forbid all of these habits. The kids will learn when they are an adult that they can do all these things while abandoning the rules set by their parents. So you can ask your baby boy to share his doubled Oreo but you don’t have to share anything with your colleagues.

Baby language-

When babies are learning to speak, they have their language. Their language is so funny because they pronounce everything in their crooked speech. Their language and pronunciations are so cute that you can’t stop laughing while also going aww at the same time. The broken sentences they construct are the cutest thing ever.

Shows and movies

Baby-proof Netflix-

When you will have a minute to yourself to have some me-time and you want to rely on the suggestions and pickings of Netflix, you will realize that Netflix is baby proofed. They will suggest shows and movies that are adorable and suitable for your baby. So even if you enjoy your child’s eyes and smile light up after watching some Disney movies, at the same time you will never have suggestions that will suggest that you are an adult.

Being a ninja-

The bedtime schedule of your child is a lot earlier than your bedtime. Whether you want to watch a movie or make some noise or even light the lamp in your child‘s room it will all wake up your child. You will have to walk on tiptoes in the room by adjusting your eyesight to look in the dark for venturing in their room. I don’t know what ninjas can do, but this seems appropriate qualities to be a ninja.

Finding such funny moments in parenting can help you take off the stress. Remove your baby’s funny pictures from your mobile or album and laugh for a while at how funny and adorable your child looks.

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