A dad is the most protective hero in a daughter’s life. He is her knight in shining armor and her favorite person in the entire world. Dads are always overprotective over their daughters and wish to always lock them in their palace so that no one can hurt them. 

It’s the fear of someone hurting their princess that makes them fall to their knees. A dad is overjoyed when he finds that he is to be the father of a little angel but often doesn’t know how can he protect her and interact with her. This article is for you dads. 

Tips for dads to raise a daughter:

Listen to her-

Listening to your daughter is the first step towards having an open communication. A girl doesn’t have to be open and honest only with mothers, dads matter too. Listen to her dreams, aspirations, thoughts, and beliefs. Raise her to have a strong vice instead of good looks.


Encourage your girl in everything she does. Whether it’s a princess tea party or a national level sports competition, be there for her. Be her cheerleader and coach together. Support her achievements and be there for her failures.

Be a role model-

Fathers are the first man to ever love their daughters and they will always be their daughter’s, first love. Be the kind of man she would want to date in the future. If you set a bar so high for her love, nobody will ever break your sweetheart’s heart. Be the man she looks up to. For example, accept her for who she is both inside and out and she will never validate her self-worth with someone’s love and affection.

Sports and girls

Sports and girls-

There is no difference whether your child is a girl or boy. The children should be treated equally. Have a tea party with your son and play catch with your daughter. Don’t be stuck with the social stereotypes. Break those barriers and throw some ball with her and play badminton with her. Wear a tiara if she wants to play princess tea with you and wear a baseball hat if he wants to play a game with you. Whatever she wants, do it with her. These bonds and time spent together with love will help you both to feel loved and fulfilled throughout your life.


Be the dad who is a chaperone to the prom and also drives her daughter in his van to and fro school. If she has an event, go and cheer. Volunteer to spend time with her and play with her. As she grows up, volunteer to help her in her studies.

The fathers need to have an honest and transparent conversation with their daughters. If you have any fear or insecurity, express them. This will make your daughter see that her dad is a normal person who goes through the same feelings she deep down does. This will only help her to relate more with her daddy.

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