When you watch movies these days, you see the actresses with flawless skin and blemishes. They spend hours perfecting the no-makeup makeup look. You can achieve it by applying makeup in a way to enhance your features but at the same time, won’t make you look doll-like. 

This makeup is practiced by professionals and people so that it appears that you are naturally beautiful without the help of cosmetics. But achieving a flawless makeup isn’t as effortless as it sounds. You need to apply the makeup with some tricks and hacks so that it blends well and makes it look like your original skin.

Everyone wants to portray an image of natural beauty. This look is especially popular as its versatile. Whether you wear a sharp pantsuit or a jazzy club dress, this look will suit all. 

Tricks and hacks to get no-makeup makeup look:


The motive of the makeup look is to have dewy and glowing skin. But not everybody’s skin is glowy and clear every day. For that, you need to prepare your skin before applying makeup. Apply moisturizer or face oil after washing your face.


The primer will easily close your pores. It will give you a finished and clear skin. Choose a base that is smooth and silky for easy application of makeup.

Light coverage- 

No-makeup makeup look needs for you to avoid your full coverage and flawless foundations. After all, natural beauty is all about the blemishes and accepting them. Apply a tinted cream or BB cream as your base. This will make your skin tone look even but also show some original marks and redness. To buff it better, use a beauty blender.


Concealer is important as your dark circles need to be covered. For your natural beauty to shine in, you don’t want your eyes to look dull and dark. So, apply a cream-based light concealer and blend it with your fingers for the perfect blend.

Cream-based products-

All your products need to be cream-based. A product that is cream base will rightly blend in your skin. The cream-based makeup will also add shine and moisture to your face. Cream-based makeup looks more natural and is easy to blend.


For highlighting the cheeks, brow bone and your nose, apply a shiny cream than a regular powdered highlighter. The powdered highlighter will look unnatural and stick in an unattractive way to the cream-based makeup products. The clear cream will easily blend with other products and make your skin look dewy and wet.


A flushed and blushing face is simply adorable. Take lots of blush and apply it to your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. It will make it look like you are cold and flushed.

Along with these tips, some other tips are to simply brush up your brows and let it stay natural; for your eye look apply some of your bronzer on the lids and skip the mascara. As for the lips, trust you tinted gloss or nude lipstick.

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