The fashion trends are like a cycle. What is latest now will be forgotten soon and again it will be hyped up. The current trend of fashion is trendy hair accessories. From a businesswoman to a housewife and from a schoolgirl to a university-level researcher, everyone is investing in hair accessories. 

Hair accessories aren’t used for their convenience but rather their aesthetics. The hair accessories can uplift and dress up any outfit. Your boring pantsuits can be jazzed up and the school uniform can have a special fashion taste of yours. Read on to find out the most popular and used accessories of 2020.

Hair accessories of 2020:

Bobby pins- 

We are no longer investing in black and plain bobby pins. The bobby pins right now are being sold in various colors and patterns. Some are simple with a plain color whereas some have animal print or polka dots on them. Most fashion bloggers are seen sporting bobby pins that have pears, gemstones and some writing on them. Themost common writings on bobby pins are “feelings, babygirl, love and kisses and not basic”. The bobby pins are also available in many sizes and shapes. There are also some bobby pins that are in the shape of safety pins.


Headbands are simple clothes that are used to push back the hair from the forehead or used as a scrunchie to tie the hair into a ponytail. The headbands have a large variety in today’s market. They are available as plain, prints, crochet, lace and even mesh. The headband is a prop for clicking pictures where your back faces the camera and you are gazing at a beautiful backdrop.


The girly girl has bows everywhere, on her pants, skirts, and tops. But now, she even has it on her hair. The bows have an attached rubber band or clip on it. You attach it at the back of your hair; usually with a half updo hairstyle. The bows are super cute and can be paired from kids to adults. They will make any basic outfit look like you have put in an effort to look presentable. 

Hair Clips

Hair clips- 

The hair clips are a pin that is supported by an aesthetic shaped material supporting it. They are available in various sizes and colors depending on your volume of the hair and personal taste. The most common clip is of two kinds: A. The Marc Jacobs clip that has the company’s name written on the clip in diamonds and B. The clips that are made of gold-colored metal and is attached to a circular object. The circle has pearls over the circle and all over. These clips are used to up the fashion game.

Along with these, the latest trend is also an over sized scrunchy. This style was typical amongst the 2000s. The hair accessories are so in trend because they make an effortless outfit look like effortful. They are trendy for both day and night looks. The hair accessories will make you look more presentable and put together.

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