Expressing love towards your child needs a different set of words and actions than the expression of love we have towards our other family members. When you unconditionally shower your child with love, he will become more successful, feel fulfilled in life and have high self-esteem. Parents are the first set of people from whom a child receives love. 

The bar for support, love, and acceptance you will set in the childhood, will be then set for others in the future. Be the example of a person filled with love and acceptance. This will also boost their confidence and their self-esteem.

But just saying “I love you” to your child isn’t enough. For a child, those are mere words. For them, the expression of love is to let them sleep with you and to buy that candy they love. Parents have to maintain a fine line between fulfilling limited and reasonable wishes of the child and expressing their love.

Read on to find out how can you shower your child with a love in a language they understand.

Ways to express your love for your child:

Cancel that meeting-

Has it ever happened that your child had an important meeting at school or a function but you couldn’t make it? Maybe they just wanted you to stay home and play with them but you had to go to work. Sometimes, postpone that meeting. Go with them to their school functions and events. Stay back home and play house with them or even race them. When you will hear them laugh and squeal with joy, that canceled meeting will be worth it.


Children love surprises. You can surprise them by packing their favorite lunch for school. Surprise them by picking them up from school and taking them for ice cream. When you return home from work, get some toy or candy for them. These little surprises will light their eyes with joy and they will feel your love.

Movie with family

Movie night-

Most young children have a strict bedtime and it’s earlier than the bedtime of parents. Once in a while let them stay up and have a movie night. Build forts with them and eat popcorn under it. They will fall asleep in the middle of the movie but they will love you for letting them stay up.

A letter-

In the technologically advanced world, the letter is a novelty. Write a letter or prepare a baby card for them. List all the things you love about them and place the letter or card under their pillow. They will wake up with reading compliments about them. A letter or card shows that you put time, effort and thought into making them happy.

Be their cheerleader-

Whether they are participating in something new or a sport they always win, always be their cheerleader. Your support will encourage them to reach new heights every day.

Kids are simple and straightforward. They appreciate action over words. Just spend some quality time with them and they will love you more and more as each day passes.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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