Parenting is the most rewarding and exhausting job in the entire world. Your smile lights up when you hear your child squeal in joy but at the same time, you also get tired of playing hide and seek all day long. Sometimes moms just need a break and remember what life was before your little angel in disguise was born. Often it could bring negative emotions in moms such as why do I get tired? Don’t I love my child? And they are hence afraid of conveying this to anybody else.

But let me tell you, moms, it’s okay and it happens to everybody. Having a child is a big change and they are a handful when they are a baby. So, don’t stress over taking some time off. Hand over the mom duties to your partner, mother or other relative or helper for a day and read on to find out how can de-stress yourself.

De-stress activities for mom:

Laugh at it-

When your toddler throws peas at the walls or smears ketchup all over his clothes just after a bath, you want to scream and shout. To deal with this especially after a hectic day of work is overbearing. But what if you change your view? When it gets really hectic, try to laugh at it than be mad at it. It will help you de-stress and your giggle is your child’s favorite sound.

Put on those running shoes-

Imagine you are running through a park with music blasting from your ears and the wind blowing your hair, did you just sigh? Then get out of bed and do it. You will be more energetic, optimistic and ready to take on challenges when you have endorphins rushing through your brain and the scent of the park lingering your nose.


Take a big jigsaw puzzle out and let your child play with it. If you feel like participating then play with your kid or else by the time your child will finish the puzzle you will get some me-time to read, dance, sing or simply even to watch a TV. These mundane things will make you feel saner.


Running errands while your baby is at home will be stressful and you will rush through the whole process. But bring your baby along with you. Bust some music that you and the baby can enjoy. Put the child in the trolley and zip-zoom down the aisles of groceries. This will be a fun experience and you will look forward to getting behind the wheel and running errands more often.


A to-do-list is often helpful to stay on your toes. When you will work, you will get the opportunity to tick the tasks done off. This ticking and crossing the tasks are more fun and you won’t ever miss out on any task.

Doing something as simple as putting on makeup and your favorite dress will make you feel better. If everything gets out of hand, simply count your blessings and de-stress. And remember, all moms and dads are together in this job we call parenting.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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