We watch movies and they romanticize the ultimate bath. The actress has a magazine, bubbles, ambiance, and roses everywhere. But can we actually take such baths? Baths are very relaxing and are equivalent to a weekend getaway. How then are we to perfect the Hollywood bath as it doesn’t come with any guidelines. Read on and you will understand the rules and steps for taking the perfect bath.

Steps for preparing the perfect bath:


Before you will take the bath, you will experience it with your eyes. The bath ambiance will include some scented candles placed around your bathroom. While taking a bath some people prefer watching shows whereas others prefer to catch up on some reading time. Whatever makes you feel relaxed, carry it with you to the bath. The next step in ambiance is the music and the beverage. You can have calming music to soothe you or pop out some high beats to feel energized. The beverage will set the tone for your bath. 

Bath salts-

The bath salts will relax your sore muscles. After a long day of work, they are your lifeline. They are available in different colors and smells. They are also very cost-effective and makes the bath smoother. The smell of the bath bomb will stick to you so don’t pick a new smell or a smell you don’t like.

Bubble bath-

We have all heard that bubble baths form for the most aesthetically pleasing bath. The bubbles are made best when you pour it slowly in the rushing water. The bubbles add to the fun of the bath experience and you can get some really good shots for your Instagram.

Essential oils- 

Essential oils will completely change your bath game. The essential oil will make the bathroom smell delicious. They will also induce more relaxation. If you use lavender essential oil in your bath, it will give you a good night’s rest of quality sleep. If you are not a fan of essential oils, then try some bath oils. The bath oil will moisturize and hydrate your skin and smell like an essential oil.

Support your head

Leaning your head on the edge of the bathtub can get uncomfortable. Invest in a spa pillow or place some hand towels under your neck. Take a hand towel and roll it to create a fluffy and comfortable makeshift pillow.

Face mask- 

We don’t have time for ourselves and our skin in our busy schedules. While you are in a bath why not give yourself a homemade facial? Exfoliate your face before the bath and apply a face mask that works best with your skin. Let the face mask sit on your face while you are enjoying your bath.

After you have taken your most relaxing bath, its time to cover yourself in the fluffiest and biggest robe you can find. It will make you feel as if you are covered in fluffs of snow or the cloud itself. Remember to moisturize yourself after your bath.

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