The most difficult thing to decide is what to do when you are bored. Especially in times of the lockdown, we cannot go outside for a drive or a walk. We are itching to go outside and feel the air and sun on our skins but for our safety, we are staying quarantined. To do things when you are bored of the same house and zero production is a challenge all of us have to overcome these days.

Sadly, not all of us have $50 million in celebrity mansions to go to one entertainment room a day. Which is why we have to find some things to do at our home ourselves. All the activities that I will list down can be done with both family and self. Read on to find out creative ways to spend your time.

Things to do when bored:


If you are acquainted with social media, you will notice that everyone is a baker these days. We are tired of eating the same cuisine and food every day. So, baking seems like a good dessert to eat that takes time to make. There are many recipes available and you can do it with your mom or wife.

Online games- 

Doing chores of sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc. is something that nobody looks forward to. It’s also unfair for one person to do it every day. Which is why you can play online family games where everyone has to do different tasks. The one who losses will have to handle the chores around the house.


You don’t exactly have to be an artist to paint. If you lack materials, just take a pen and paper and let the ink swirl on the paper. If you are frustrated, tired, bored, or in any undesirable mood, just make squiggly lines. This will immediately make you feel more active and you might just discover your hidden talent of painting.


Pick up your favorite novel and finish it in a day. Prepare a challenge wherein you read different kinds of books every day. We are given this opportunity to catch up with some required me-time and make use of it wisely by reading about something or the other.

Video call- 

Nothing is more fun than catching up with your buddies. Call up the school group that you have lost touch with. Call the employees of your bank and other places you frequently visit. You can call one new person every day. This will give you something or someone to talk to as well as help you to stay in touch with your loved ones.


Take some waste products out of your storeroom and sit with your kids and have a little best out of the waste competition. You will have fun as well as spend quality time with the apples of your eyes.

Consider this period as grace and spend as much time as you can with yourself and your family. Do all those things for which you could never make time for in your previous busy schedule. 

Posted by:Swati Rai

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