Raising a family is the toughest job on this planet. It’s a fine line to teach the children good values and letting them learn it on their own. We would like to teach them values such as never to lie and never to cheat but in today’s world, we all have to be shades of grey than be white pearls. This is why raising a child on values that you were raised on isn’t very practical.

When it comes to clothes, freedom, and selection of places to spend time, the child will always feel misunderstood by you. As a parent, all you can do is incorporate good values and teachings into your child’s life but whether they pass in the exam of life using these or not, is up to them. Then another thing that becomes crucial is the values you will impart on your child as it will have a contribution in their life and will also shape them.

Take some clues and hints of the values to raise a family by reading and scrolling down further.

Important family values:

Elders and their value-

If your child sees you disrespecting your elders, they will learn the same. You need to show them your good behavior towards elders practically, that you mean what you teach them. So, a parents behavior is the ultimate learning experience for the child. This will always make them realize that respecting and caring for elders is one of the most important value of life.

Hard work- 

As a parent, the only dream you have is to give your child everything that you lacked in. But serving them everything in spoons and plates of diamonds will never teach them the value of hard work and money. No matter how luxurious your lifestyle, let your child work hard for the things they want. They can do some house chores or finish their homework regularly, if they wish to get their hands on something. This will teach them that only after hard work can they get something in life.


Whether your child is a boy or a girl, they need to respect both the genders. As a girl make her understand that any bad touch is the fault of the boy and his lack of manners and that its not her fault. Teach her that she is limitless and can touch the sky. As a boy, teach him to be humble but courageous. To stand up for any wrongdoings and that respecting and caring for women is the biggest strength. 


Compassion for their peers, family, and society will help them to be better human beings. Again if a parent is kind and compassionate, eventually the kid turns out to be kind and compassionate as well. Your instilled behavior patterns of compassion will lead them to help others than to hoard all the luxuries to themselves and their loved ones. They will understand the joy of giving and sharing.

All of these values are cultivated by spending time together, being a parent role model to them, and by having open conversations. Remember, the teachings you give now will be the result of the behavior patterns of parents. As parents, we have to practice what we preach and only then the values will be inculcated and passed on to our children.

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