Being a parent doesn’t come with a manual. All the things we learn are because of trial and error. Only after you become a dad, you realize that the teachings of your father that you hated as a boy, are all very true. This is an experience that one has only after being a dad himself. Most dads rely on parental teachings from when they were a boy and what teachings are they grateful for and what they wished their dads would have told them.

Raising a baby boy isn’t all about building rockets and playing catch. There are many things you will need to impart on your son that nobody apart from a dad can do. You will need to know when to let him be and when to guide him. For someone who is a new dad or is going to be a dad, this role could be quite scary.

I am sure you will relax once you go through some of the tips mentioned to help you raise a boy into a fine gentleman.

Be there or him- 

As a son, he will look up to you. You will be his hero and infallible superman. Whether it’s a sports meeting or his theatre play, be there for him. Your presence will fill him with love, respect, and pride. You will be the shoulder he will lean on to get more confidence and rest his worries on.

Practice what you teach- 

If you catch your son smoking and ask him to stop but you smoke regularly, this will not affect him. He will need a parent that does what he says. If you ask him to always be open and honest with you then you need to do the same.

Treat the women in your life well-

How your son will treat women in the future will be a reflection of what he has seen you do. If you will respect and love the women around you, your son will grow up to do the same. If he sees you as jealous, possessive, and controlling then he will assume that’s the apt behavior. Stand up for the right thing and fight against wrong. You will be his role model and the correct one at that.

Don’t be afraid to punish-

Many parents never mold their children when they need it the most. Children aren’t perfect human beings and neither are you. But the teachings you should impart on him as a child from your experiences and consciousness are important to impart at the correct time. If he doesn’t listen, don’t be reluctant to punish. You may seem harsh right now but later he will thank you for raising him into a fine man.

Raising a son is a responsibility that you will fulfill best if you do it with the utmost care, love, and support. Your love and acceptance are what your son will ever ask you. Remember, what you give is what you get.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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