We have all heard that sleeping for 7-9 hours is healthy for your body and mind. Sleep has many mental benefits but it also is key for healthy skin. Your skincare routine is incomplete without a good night’s rest and sleep.

Good sleep has to be 7-9 hours but it has to be quality sleep. The sleep you get should be sound and your body and mind needs to relax. When you sleep well, it also affects your skin. If you sleep in the afternoon, it’s going to be ineffective. A night’s sleep isn’t something that should be compromise.

Read on and find out what sleep does for your skin and how you can get good skin by simply sleeping. After all, we love sleeping and it gives us benefits while we have to do nothing and just rest it out.

Benefits of sleep on your skin:


When we sleep, our bodies recover and so does the skin. The damages and inflammation of the skin will be treated on its own. By the time you wake up, the patches on the skin will be long gone.


Our skin is the exterior that protects our internal organs from external influence and toxins. The skin, as a result, retains water and needs to be hydrated. The hydration will cause the skin to appear supple and healthy. If you don’t get enough sleep, it might cause your skin to dry and it may not replenish the water levels.

The thickness of the skin- 

The research has found that when you sleep enough, your growth hormones start to secrete. These growth hormones contribute to your physical and mental growth. If you suffer from lack of sleep, these growth hormones will not be produced and it may lead to stagnancy in the growth of your body.

Redness and eye bags- 

We have all stayed up all night during exam season, office jobs or even binge watching a show and the next day we have red eyes and big bags under our eyes. Lack of sleep can also cause your vision to be impaired. You will lose focus and your eyes might close on their own accord when you need to maintain your focus on something important.

Fine lines and loose skin- 

A good night’s sleep will relax you and your face will not have any fine lines and wrinkles. Lack of sleep can cause your skin to become loose and have crow’s feet under our eyes sooner than you are supposed to get it.

Lack of glow- 

When you get a good night’s sleep, the skin glows with the freshness you feel on the inside. A night of proper sleep will also help maintain the Ph of your skin’s complexion. Lack of sleep may lead to ashy and dry skin.

Before you jump straight to bed after reading this, it’s important to note that excess of something is also bad. Sleep until you feel relaxed and fresh. Some people may need 7 hours of sleep whereas others function with even 5 hours of sleep. The quality of sleep is important.

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