The makeup that will make you look flushed, alive and energetic is the blush. The blush will add life to your skin after the pale and matte base that you will apply. Most women over look this very important makeup tool. Makeup that is trending these days also has blush as their key ingredient. The blush is applied from the nose till the cheekbones.

Yet, most women choose to apply the first pink tint they find. Some women also choose to apply pink lipstick on their cheeks. But like the base, contour and lipstick shade, even the blush has a perfect shade depending on the skin tone. Whether you are fair or colored, there is a right blush for you and read on to find out what shade is yours.

Blush for every skin tone:

Fair skinned-

If you are fair or have blue or pink undertone for your skin then the blush shade for you is soft pink, coral and peach. If you wish to have neutral look then apply the baby pink blush and if you want to have a pop of color then go for coral or peach blush. If you have a warm undertone then apply coral and peach shades for a neutral look and soft pink for having a pop of color.

Medium skinned-

If you have a medium skin tone then the blush shades for you are warm mauve, rich pink and deep peach. If you have a cool undertone then wear warm mauve and rich pink for achieving the no-makeup makeup look whereas the deep peach can be used for showing color. On the other hand, if you have cool undertone skin then deep peach will work as a neutral look and rich pink and warm mauve will give you pop of color.

Dark skinned-

If your skin tone is dark then the blush shades for you arepink fuchsia, warm brown, raisinand tangerine.If you have a warm undertone skin then apply fuchsia and light berry for natural look and tangerine and raisin shades for adding color to your skin. If you have cool undertone for your skin then apply tangerine and raisin shades for a subtle and natural look but if you want bright and colored cheeks then go for pink fuchsia and berry shade.

Blushes are available in powdered form and cream formed. The powdered blushes will give you more pigment and the cream blush will give you a more of a natural dewy and flushed skin. The blushes also are matte and glitter form. The glitter one will highlight your cheeks and are perfect for a date and clubbing night. The matte blush is perfect for a business meeting and light brunch. The blushes are the most important part of your makeup and it’s essential that you pick the shade that is perfect for you. Picking the right shade will be a game changer and it will set the mood for your occasion.

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