Closet defines your character, personality and taste. If we are asked what is your favorite part of your house? The answer will be closet. It’s our closets that we invest our time, space and creativity in. The closet will store our purses, shoes, makeup, jewelry and clothes.

Yet, don’t we always find that our closet is full to the brim and yet we have nothing to wear or cannot find anything? Organizing closet according to season, sleeve size and color is so attractive and Hollywood but is it practical? No. When we are running late, we simply pull the clothes out and stuff it anywhere and everywhere.

Read on and you will find out what is the way to clean out your closet for optimum use.

Tips for organizing the closet:

Be harsh-

When we are cleaning our closets, 90% of the times we hoard clothes thinking “this is cute, I will wear it soon”. Don’t you think the same? Do you ever wear it? Of course not. Take your clothes and make three piles. One will be the clothes that you will keep, second the one you will donate and the third will be a maybe pile. Try all the clothes of your maybe pile and then dump whatever you’re sure you will never wear it.

One inch gap-

When you are hanging the clothes, make sure that there is an inch gap between all your hangers. This will make sure that when you will go into the closet you can see each and every clothing item of yours and easily pick out what you want to wear. This will also be useful because your clothes won’t mesh with other’s material and tear the thread.

Allocate a place-

For every space that you have, utilize it appropriately. The drawers with the best security should be used for storing your jewelry. The cupboard with the doors should be used for your fancy dresses and gowns. The coat closet should be the smallest space that is far into the closet. Keep your everyday clothes near your mirror so that you don’t run around the closet. Always store your makeup below the vanity drawers of your mirror. Your shoes should be stored near the entrance so that you can put them on and leave.

Different hangers-

If you have a lot of clothes and have the same storing place, have different colored hanger. For example, white hangers for your tops, blue hangers for your pants and black hangers for your dresses. Rather than surfing for clothes, you will easily find them by looking at the color of your hangers.

What you need to remember is that organize it in a way that is comfortable for you. Install some music system and blast it while getting ready. Lay down a couch for trying on your clothes and having an imaginary fashion show. Clean your closet every 3 months so that it’s always upgraded.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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