When parents are expecting, the question that swirls in their minds and others is, “is it a girl or a boy?” while, it’s normal to be excited about the arrival of your baby and to decide on toys and nursery colors, many parents are opting for gender-neutral strategies for raising their children. Instead of painting the nursery blue or pink, parents go for yellow or green. The toys include both barbies as well as racing cars and everything in between.

Raining children with gender-neutral rules have some perks. Your boy won’t think that hiding his emotions will make him more masculine and your girl won’t accept the gender stereotypes such as glass ceiling and glass cliff effects. They are raised with the same disciple, rules, and affection so that they can make choices about their life when they grow up.

But, it, of course, sounds easier said than done. Here are some listed strategies to raise your child with gender-neutral rules.

Strategies to raise children with gender-neutral rules:

Options and evolve- 

While you take your daughter out for shopping, don’t restrict her with frills, pink, and lace. Let her choose t-shirts from the boy’s section and skirts from the girl’s section. If your daughter asks why the color pink is associated with girls a quick response could be “it’s sad that boys don’t have that color”. When they grow up, these responses will change. For example, when a magazine has a woman’s body on the cover, encourage her to embrace her body boldly and the way she wants than advise her to dress “decent”.

Schooling and responses- 

If your son carries a pink backpack, there are chances that he might be bullied at school. To tackle this situation, prepare him with responses before he goes to school. Teach him a comeback or a joke that can help him deal with the situation and lighten the mood.

Same rules- 

With the crime rate increasing, parents are worried about their children’s safety. This is especially true of the parents who have a daughter. In their attempt to protect their daughter, they restrict her from her clothing options and going out at night. If a daughter sees that the son is allowed to stay out the night but the daughter isn’t, it will pass a wrong message and you will only give rise to gender bias. Instead, have the same rules for both your children. If your daughter stays home then so will your son and if your son goes out then so will your daughter.

Embracing body- 

When we scroll through social media and see a male model shirtless, we are quick to appraise him for his workouts and dedication to health. Whereas, when we see a topless female model, we see many hate comments. Raise your daughter to embrace her body inside and out so that her confidence increases.

The next time your boy picks out a pink car and your daughter picks blue socks, encourage it. It will be beneficial to them in the long run.

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