The norm up until now for building self-esteem in a child has been a world that is full of praises. Parents praise their children for all their little accomplishments. They beam at the parents and the parents beam back at them. While it’s the correct method for conditioning behavior in your child, it could lead to harming a child’s self-esteem instead of building it.

For example, your child does the dishes and you congratulate him and your child wins a sports medal and you congratulate him. You are setting the wrong goals. Doing the dishes is not equivalent to competing against professional athletes and winning the prize. If you repetitively keep praising the child, then your child will always look to you for approval and acceptance rather than consider his approval and self-worth.

Whenever he or she will make a decision will be based on what you think is wrong or right and not the other way around. Read on to find out how to make your child be independent and have his or her self-esteem in high regard.

Tips for building self-esteem and confidence in your child:

Take a step back- 

Parents are always rushing towards solving their child’s problems. But from time to time, let them be the center of the stage and solve their own problems. When they will discover that they readily and by themself solved a problem, it will give your child a boost in his or her confidence towards their ability.

Healthy risks- 

If your child will never take a risk, then he will never learn how to deal with success or failure. They should take responsibility for their work and the outcomes. If they want to try a new acrobat, let them. They will fall 20 times but on the 21st attempt, they will learn the acrobat and this will make them content and it will increase their self-worth.


Let your child decide what clothes she wishes to put on for the day. Even if your child chooses a red polka dot top with a yellow zebra print skirt with blue lace shoes, let them wear it. This will make them feel empowered. They will be confident in the choices they will make in the future. 

House chores- 

As a child, all they wish for is to grow up. When they ask parents to work around the house they say no as they are kids and they wish to protect their childhood years and prevent them from any injury. But if you give them a broom and ask to clean a single shelf, they will feel that you accept their support and trust them completely. This trust that you have shown now, will help them in their later life.

Children are always looking for new pursuits and as parents, it’s your job to let them follow it. Whether its karate or singing whether they are good at it or bad, indulge them in learning new skills every day.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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