In a perfect world, we would go to the spa two days a week and come home with glowing skins and luscious hair. But we have one weekend and it’s a tough pick between spending time with family by going on outings, resting and visiting a spa. Spas are also expensive hence we cannot go to them twice a week.

Sunday is a self-care day for everybody. You take extra time for a bath and have fancy routines. Yet, when we go to the spa, we have a completely different experience of relaxation and the quality of the self-care regime. To have a spa at your home, you need certain products and chronological order of using them to have a spa day at home.

Read on if you want to have glowing skin and relax while having fun with your family.

Products for having spa ay home:

Aesthetic- The most important thing for relaxing is the ambiance and setting of a spa. Light a scented candle that is soothing and your favorite. It will set the mood for your spa. You can even have a magazine and a glass of wine if you wish. Blast some music that relates to your mood. 


The first step to get glowing skin is to get rid of your dirt and impurities. Wash your face with a cleanser and pat it try. Then, apply some ice to your skin for tightening and awakening your skin. The ice will also make your skin supple and give it a healthy glow.


Exfoliation is crucial in your skincare regime. It will clean your pores. It will get rid of all the dead skin cells and dirt accumulated on your face. 

Charcoal clay mask- 

The regular cleanser won’t get rid of your whiteheads and blackheads. There are charcoal strips you can apply to your nose and it will extract the oil and blackheads from your nose. Some creams and masks can be applied evenly on your skin. You can apply it on your T-zone or your entire face. It’s best to let it stay on your skin for some minutes and then either peel it off or rinse with hot water.

Glowing peel-off face mask- 

The peel of mask will help you in bringing back the glow of your skin. It will make your skin feel fresh and clean. You will glow as if you have recently got a facial.

Jade roller and moisturizer- 

Apply a moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Then, take a jade roller out of your fridge and roll it on your face. Make sure to roll it under your eyes for at least a few minutes. It will promote blood circulation as well as reduce the puffiness around your eyes.

While you apply the mask around your face, you can also apply a hair mask on your hair. Select the one that suits the condition of your hair. Then wash it off and have a bath in your tub for a full experience of spa and relaxation.

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