Have you ever been in a situation wherein you had to get ready in minutes and you take out all your fancy and boujee makeup but the moment you took your brushes out you cringed? It’s the story of our lives. The brushes are the one tool that aids us in applying flawless makeup. We go from dull to bedazzled with the help of these brushes.

Yet, we never clean them and it has millions of foundations and concealers on top of it. Applying makeup with such brushes will not only lead you to have anomalies in the skin but it will also hinder the application of the makeup. The makeup brushes should be cleaned twice a week and washed thoroughly once a month. This also applies to your beauty blenders and other makeup tools.

Does the question then arise that how to clean the makeup brushes in an optimum manner? Read on and find out.

Steps for cleaning makeup brushes:

Step 1- 

Take a dollop of shampoo and add it into a mug or a bowl. Then add some warm water to it to create a liquid consistency.

Step 2- 

Dip your brushes one by one into this mug or bowl and clean it. For cleaning them, separate the bristles with your hands and gently rub it to remove stubborn makeup from the surface.

Step 3- 

Rinse the soap out with water and remove the excess water from the brushes.

Step 4- 

Lay down the brushes on a plain surface under the sun or fan and let it stay there to dry.

Step 5- 

if you wish to clean your brush regularly, then invest in a brush cleaner. If you clean it every day, it will be easier to maintain them.

Step 6- 

Now, take a drop of blue liquid and drop it into a container with water. Dip your brushes in the same liquid so that they can saturate.

Step 7- 

Gently pat the bristles of the brush with a clean and dry towel or cloth. It will take off the excess water, dirt, and remaining makeup.

Step 8- 

If you don’t prefer to invest in fancy equipment and wish to clean it with the items available in your household, then dip it in the dishwashing soap. The experts swear by this technique and say it can remove practically any makeup from any brush.

Steps for cleaning the beauty blender:

Step 1 

Use soap bars to completely clean your beauty blenders and makeup sponges. Beauty blenders are easy to get dirty and you can also use electronic brush cleaners for cleaning it with easy equipment.

Step 2- 

Oil also has been proven to do the trick. It will remove products from the deep surfaces of the sponge and it will leave it soft and looking like new.

With this, it’s also important to change your brushes with new ones. People who apply makeup daily run out of brushes quite soon and then merely cleaning it won’t help. You should replace it.

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