Reminisce about the day when you came home from a mall and had several bags of cosmetics in your hand. It felt empowering and jolly to buy new makeup, didn’t it? But as soon as you saw the condition of your old makeup, did you instantly regret buying more? Of course, yes. The storage and organizational skills of makeup storage will handle this problem for you.

Let’s be honest, we only have 2 or 3 foundations that we reach out for every day and one palette that is versatile for creating many eye-looks. So, do you need all the dried-up crusty makeup at the back of your makeup drawer? Raise your hand if you have makeup that is expired and it’s still sitting in your closet space.

The organization and storage not only help in storing the makeup but also aids in decluttering the expired and the mess of the makeup drawer. You will be able to reach for your essentials easily and not have to waste time in the morning.

Guide for storing your makeup:

Avoid moisture- 

Your makeup cannot handle areas of your house that has moisture in them e.g.: bathroom. The makeup is more likely to either melt or get some bacteria if you store it in a moisture-filled room. So, store it in a dry place e.g.: your dresser.

No direct sunlight- 

If after reading the first point you were about to keep your makeup under the sun, then please refrain from doing the same. The sunlight will cause the ingredients of the makeup to split in the pan. This is especially true if it has a cream or liquid formula. Store it in a cool and dry place.

Pull out drawers- 

You have two options for storing your makeup. You can either put it in the pull-out drawer or keep it in the open in front of your vanity in a basket. It’s very tempting to have your makeup outside for easy access but the collection of dust is a real situation. I advise you to store them in different drawers. Put plastic sections in these drawers so that you can divide it amongst lips, cheeks, eyes, face, and skincare.

Transparent containers- 

The containers and dividers inside the drawers should be transparent so that you can see the makeup easily. The makeup can be divided into four sections: everyday makeup products, office makeup products, causal outing makeup products, and glam makeup products. You can have four different drawers for the same or have each drawer for different makeup products (face, eyes, etc.) and then stack the ones you use daily in the front.


We are all guilty of storing our makeup brushes but never cleaning them. Clean them monthly and wash them weekly. Otherwise, your makeup will not be applied flawlessly.

You can also use the fridge for storing your makeup products. The makeup products such as lipsticks, cream-based highlighters, and blushes can all be stored in the fridge. It’s the perfect cool and dry place in your house.

Posted by:Swati Rai

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