The question that is asked most often on Google is “How to always stay motivated?” It’s not always easy to stay in high spirits 24X7 and 365 days. And it’s perfectly okay to have your mood to be down and low at times, what’s not fine is to be stuck in the dumps forever. You need to stay at the top of your game and if you are not, then trying always is the key.

Motivation is what you need to get out of bed daily and to be productive. Even if you love your profession, it’s possible to get tired. Take a rest day once in a while but if you wish to be motivated generally in your life, then following the below tips may help you. 

Read on to find out how to always stay motivated.

Tips to stay motivated:


When someone asks you, what is the end goal and the purpose of your life, it will immediately induce an image in your mind. When you cannot find the energy to stay motivated on certain days then close your eyes and bring that picture at the forefront of your mind. This vision will be enough to get you out of your cozy covers and slip on your work shoes.

Your passion

If you are stuck in a course or job that is not your passion, then you will always find reasons to not work and it will demotivate you. Non-productivity can lead you to sit idle and doing nothing. When you take up a job you enjoy, you will spring to get to work daily. 

Track results- 

Whether you have started a workout journey, an art journal, or even took up a new project at work, keep a track of your progress. You may not notice the work done by you and the heights you have achieved if you never keep a track of it. Click before and after pictures and when you will see even a small amount of progress, it will be enough to edge you on to working further and motivate you to perform better.

Inspiring stories- 

If you are at a stage wherein you feel that no matter what you do, you will never succeed, then read inspiring stories of people in the same field as you. This will make you believe that “if they can do it, then so can I”. Reading someone else’s journey can also lead to having ideas to tackle the problems that they have already faced. It’s like someone has done the homework for you already.

Pamper yourself- 

We often forget to treat ourselves, our small successes and happiness. When you will pamper yourself to a rest day or a cheat meal day then it will get you in high spirits and let you stay on track and also geared up for the future projects. The mental state of contentment will make you feel motivated.

Staying motivated is essentially a state of mind. When you are happy and content in general, it will help you stay motivated. So, take a break for a few days but then get back on your horse and touch the sky!

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