The modern parenting style is raising the children independently. The children will grow to make healthy choices by themselves under the watchful guidance of their parents. The children are taught by the parents what is good and what is bad but how to apply it in their choices and make decisions, will depend on the child. The parents give away strict control over their children and rather nurture the child under their love and acceptance.

Independent children grow up to be mature adults who people can rely on. They never depend on others to make decisions and neither do they run to an authoritative figure every time they run into a mishap or troublesome situation. The following tips will give an overview to the parents for raising their children independently.

Tips for raising children independently:

Don’t spoon-feed them- 

Parents’ innate nature is to serve everything to their children before they ask for anything. But this will cause more harm than benefit them. Teach them how to do a task and then let them do it. If they need your assistance, they will ask for the same. Confidence is built by giving them responsibilities and by asking questions.

Love, respect, and patience- 

When children know that they won’t receive shouting for their mistakes and for trying something new, they will expand their wings more. In a surrounding that has love, respect and patience, the children will grow independent and learn to do things by themselves. For example, if they want to do the dishes and help you, if they are unafraid of your shouting in case of any dent in the vessel then they will pick up the sponge and try it and learn the skill all by themeselves.

Life skills- 

Basic life skills include banking knowledge, finance, cooking, laundry, etc. These skills are something that the children will need when they will grow up. These skills should be taught by parents. Let them also run the chores around the house. This will give them practice and experience to handle their life on their own.

Give responsibilities- 

If the kids will never understand the concept of having consequences for their actions, they will never be responsible. This responsibility is learned when you give them tasks. Whether the tasks include working around the house, running errands, or packing their school bag, let them do it by themselves. Even if they make mistakes, they will simply learn from it. Don’t discourage them or let them off the hook because they are young.

Acknowledge accomplishments- 

When your child learns how to wash his hands, to pack his school bag efficiently, etc. always encourage them by showering them with support and pride. Your acknowledgment of their tasks done correctly will motivate them in working by themselves and inspire them to work more and eventually learn more.

Creating an independent environment is also crucial for kids. If they see you run your errands and handle your responsibilities on your own, they will learn to do the same. 

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