Children form their major personality traits from a young age. Whether they are selecting chocolate to eat or picking a song to dance on, all of these attributes to the personality of the child. Parents are sometimes in a mental tiff as to when will their child develop their personality traits or how to understand their peculiar and eccentric personality?

It’s also essential to note that as and when the children grow, their personality traits keep changing whereas some are everlasting. E.g. kids who are shy in childhood are extroverts as adults and children who play ranks since a young age, they continue it well into college.

The article will point out some methods and strategies to understand the personality of your child.

How to gauge the child personality?

Reaction to actions- 

When parents notice the reaction of their kids, they will understand whether their child is loud and exuberant or shy and reserved. If they squeal, shout and raise their voice to express their opinion on something, they tend to have an extrovert personality and the ones who are calm and quiet and listen more than speak tend to be introverted and eccentric.

child personality
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If your little one is always on the move and crawls or walks around the house, then you best believe that your child will love to travel and experience the world under their feel. Children on the other hand, who love to sit and play in their playpen would experience the world by how they view and perceive things around them. 


The perseverance level of the children will be experienced by the parents when they will be in their toddler stage. This is because the children who persistently cry, shout, and push for their needs to be met are the ones who will never back out of a situation. They will relentlessly try to conquer the situation and every obstacle that they face. If your child is the one who can let go of their needs and demands easily then they will master the art of letting go. They won’t learn to hold grudges and will be quick to forgive the people around them.

Responses to change- 

The response to change can go in two ways: 1. I like the way things are right now and 2. I am open to new experiences and people. The first type of personality will make your child stick to the same friends for a lifetime. They find their comfort zone and stick to it and are always loyal to it. The second type of personality will make a child open to new experiences, opportunities, and people. They are the ones who always make friends first and fast.

The thing to remember for parents is that no matter what the personality of your child is, it will come with both its pros and cons. They need to teach the child to overcome the cons and strengthen the pros. Be ready for any changes as they grow up.

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