With our current environmental pollution and work/ life stress, we often have damaged hair. Yet, not all of us can exert the time and energy to go to the salon regularly and get the treatment. Specially in lockdown, we definitely do not have access to any salons! This is why we can use a variety of hair masks. Hair masks can be used once a week before you wash your hair. There are so many hair problems we face that it is quite confusing as to, which mask should be used for a certain type of hair damage.

Read on and find out the type of hair masks for various type of hair damages. The hair masks are made up of ingredients available in your house or you can buy the hair mask with different ingredients depending on the damage type.

Types of hair masks:

Egg masks- 

Egg masks are rich in proteins and vitamin B. They work for all types of hair and improves the overall health, strength, and moisture of the hair. They also promote hair growth and prevent more damage.

Banana hair mask- 

Bananas are high in potassium, antioxidants, natural oils, and vitamins. The banana hair mask is ideally used for hair fall. Bananas are available all year round and can be used to stop hair loss. 

Yogurt hair mask- 

Yoghurt hair mask will help you with treating your split ends. They also reduce the damage of the hair and baldness. Yogurt also helps in conditioning your hair and prevent the color of your hair. It can be used as a natural conditioner for your hair as it suits all types of hair. The hair mask will keep your hair in the anagen phase and it will make your hair have a shiny coat.

Strawberry hair mask

Strawberry hair mask- 

Strawberries naturally have anti-oxidants. It prevents free radicals as they cause hair loss. They are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C will ensure that your hair has moisture and stops the hair loss.

Curry leaves and coconut hair mask- 

Curry leaves stimulate hair growth. They also help in maintaining the natural color of your hair which will prevent the gray hair indicating aging effects. Coconut has penetrative properties and has fatty acids. The fatty acids prevent the protein loss from your hair. If you have the condition of thinning hair then this is the mask that is ideal for you.

Castor oil hair mask- 

The proteins in castor oil prevents hair loss and split ends. It also prevents and helps in reducing dandruff. Castor oil is used for stimulating the volume, length, and quality of the hair.

Rosemary hair mask- 

If you wish to stimulate general hair growth, then the rosemary hair mask is for you. The rosemary extracts promote hair growth. It also has antioxidant properties that will fight free radicals and stimulate the health of the hair.

The hair masks that are naturally made at home are free of chemicals and harmful properties. They can be used twice a week. Even without any hair damage, you can use hair masks for stimulating growth in general for having rich and luscious hair. 

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