What we put on the inside, is what we see on the outside. No matter how many dollars you spend on skincare or how many liters of water you drink, the real question is what you are eating. Everything is in the ratio of 30% miscellaneous and 70% food. Certain foods bring out the inner glow of your skin. The following food items will make your skin glow like a diamond without any external products.

Food items for glowing skin:


Fatty fish have omega-3 fatty acid that is key for glowing skin. Omega 3 fatty acid keeps the skin supple, rich and moisturized. If you lack this then your skin will be dry. The fish will help in reducing the inflammation that will reduce the acne and redness of the skin. It will also work as SPF and protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun. The fish is high in vitamin E and proteins that will reduce the dark circles around your eyes and strengthen your skin.


 Avocado is rich in healthy fats that will make your skin flexible and moisturized. Avocados will protect your skin from the harmful toxins in the environment and prevent it from getting wrinkles. It also is an effective food item for the anti-aging qualities of the skin. Avocado is rich in vitamin C and it produces collagen in your body.


Walnuts have fatty acids that are not produced by your body. These are the richest of all nuts and they may also reduce the symptoms of psoriasis. They have both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that will help your skin to stay healthy. Walnuts have zinc in them that helps in healing your wounds easily. It also combats bacteria and inflammation of the skin.

Foods to eat for glowing skin
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Sunflower seeds- 

The nuts and seeds are a great source of boosting your skin by providing it with nutrients required to maintain your skin. It helps in protecting the skin from the pollution filled air as well as repairs cells and tissues of the skin.

Sweet potatoes- 

Sweet potatoes have a nutrient that will create vitamin A in your body. Even 100 grams of sweet potatoes will help you get vitamin A that is equivalent to 6 times the supplements. Carotenoids in sweet potatoes will protect your skin and cells from skin exposure. They help in preventing cell damage, wrinkling skin, and also prevent sunburn.


Broccoli has nutrients and minerals that are required for having healthy skin. It also has zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C. Lutein is found excessively in broccoli that will protect your skin from the oxidative damage. Oxidative damage causes the skin to become dry and wrinkled. It also has sulforaphane that has anti-cancer properties.

All these and many other foods are rich in properties that will benefit your skin. Healthy skin will glow naturally and also protect it from harmful toxins and UV damage. 

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