We can all relate when I say that sometimes we have bad hair days and good hair days. We need different hairstyles for when we feel girly, edgy, and professional. The hairstyles also will depend on if you have a good hair day or a bad one. The following are the different hairstyles for various everyday events. The hairstyles are easy to follow and will make you look like a different person every day.

Hairstyles for everyday looks:

Hair bow- 

The hair bow hairstyle is a simple knot at the back of your head that ties into a knot. The hair will have to be split into the middle section. Then take two strands of your hair and take these strands and tie it into a bow. This look is perfect for a brunch with your girls or a lunch date. It’s a fun hairstyle that will compliment your girly outfits.

Messy side braid- 

This hairstyle is for college going girls. Divide your hair into a side partition. Take one portion of your hair and braid it. Secure the braid behind your head with hairpins. Let some stray hair out for a messy look. This is a quick hairstyle that will be perfect for your “effortless-look”. It goes with dresses, skirts, and jeans.

Hairstyle Ideas For Everyday
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The top knot is tying a bun but it has to be higher than a low bun. The top knot can also be a half knot. For this, take half the portion of your hair and comb it to get rid of knots. Then, tie it into a bun at the top of your head. Remove some stray hair for framing the face. It will be perfect for those days when you have greasy hair but want to look cute.

Bohemian side braid- 

This hairstyle is a little time-consuming. This is a special hairstyle for special occasions. It could be worn when you wear a flow-y gown to the beach or for a wedding. Put some hair accessories or flowers in your braid for drawing attention to your hairstyle. This hairstyle is apt for days when you want to get the hair out of your face.

Messy ponytail- 

A messy ponytail is something we throw on every day. Add a little texture to your ponytail by curling the ends or crimping the hair. Messy ponytail has to be combed and done with your fingers to achieve the messy look you desire.

Beachy waves- 

Having your hair down every day in the same style is a little boring and expected. Curl them into beautiful beach waves and set it in place with a setting spray. It will make your hair look voluminous and shiny. It’s perfect for those days when you want to dress up and it goes with every look you plan.

The hairstyles look better with hair accessories and you can add some extensions for going for an intricate hairstyle. The hairstyles are easily achievable and can be done under 5 minutes. It’s perfect for the days when you are running late and don’t want to exert much effort behind looking good.

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