Creativity isn’t limited to the field of arts and marketing. Creativity in your work means you present the best and most unique ideas that has a resale value amongst the consumers. The owner of Starbucks and Instagram only made their way to fame when they turned their profession into creativity.

Creativity mixed with hard work is the best motivation of all time. Most of us believe that creativity is limited to those who can dance, paint, sing and write attractive advertisements that hype everyone. But according to many psychologists, you can be creative with some easy tips and steps.

Read on to find out the tips to become creative. Be ready for all the praise, fame and name you will acquire.

Tips for being creative:


Asking the correct type of question is the beginning towards having more creative ideas. For example, rather than asking “what software will help people workout?”, can be asked as “what software will let people share their workout journey to help them stay healthy and keep a record of their progress?”. These right type of questions will lead you to find answers that are both unique and creative.


Creativity only comes when you are familiar and an expert in your line of work. WhatsApp couldn’t be made if the owner isn’t familiar with internet, social media and connectivity of people virtually. For getting inspired, you can even listen to some Ted talks. They will give you additional information and someone’s journey who has been through what you are going through right now will also provide you with some answers that you are searching for.

Being aware-

Being aware not only includes knowing yourself completely and deeply but also others that you come across. You need to understand and be aware about the skills of the person that you come across. When your creative idea will turn into reality, it will need the joint efforts of many creative people. Know them and work with them. Recognizing people who are creative and paying attention to their ideas is the first step towards success. It is also of great importance that you have an open mind. A creative person is never restricted to just one set of opinions. They hear different opinions and ideas and ingest everything that is healthy for them. And if not that, then least they respect other’s opinion.

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Indulge in hobbies-

When you will indulge yourself into your hobbies, it will create a healthy and happy environment around you. While you will work on your hobby, your mind is free and content to think about different and new ideas.  Your hobby is also one way to practice your creativity.

Creativity only comes to those who practice it regularly. If you are a painter, then expand yourself into different styles of painting. If you are a singer then be a versatile singer. A dancer can also learn to be an acrobat. Regular practicing , reading and experimenting will eventually lead you to creative ideas.

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