Parenting is a journey that every parent has to go through their entire life since the birth of their child. Parenting is a choice as to how to raise your children in this world. Do you wish for them to be independent, confident, reserved, etc. All the qualities of a child and a grown-up are based on the teachings and parenting styles they have experienced as a child. Parents are always worried about raising their children with the wrong habits and their suffering in later life.

One of the mistakes that a parent makes while raising a child is to raise both their boys and girls together. Of course, the rules, discipline, love, and support should be the same. But due to their physiology and brain chemistry, boys and girls are different. The parenting style should also reflect this difference and fulfill the need of their child depending on their gender.

Read on and find out the different parenting styles and strategies for raising both boys and girls and the difference between them.

Difference between raising boys and girls:

Action v/s emotion- 

Boys from a younger age, lean more towards activities wherein they have to kick, scream, run, and experiment with their hand-eye coordination. The games such as playing catch, running around or cycling is what your boy would love to do. Along with this, he would also prefer to watch movies about racing cars than barbies. Whereas, girls love to sit around their little table and sprinkle glitter and colors across a paper. Girls are more linguistically advanced and creative than boys. They express this through games such as mimicry, singing, and playing dress-up. 

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Motor skills- 

Boys have been recorded to be advanced in their motor skills than girls but the girls, on the other hand, are more advanced with fine motor skills such as holding, grabbing, and coordination. Girls should be involved in classes, activities, and clubs that enhance these skills into expertise and vice versa is the same for the boys.


We might believe that girls are more emotional than guys but this is actually false. The contrary that boys are more emotional is true. Boys tend to get angry, fearless, aggressive, etc. faster than girls. While raising boys, you need to sit them down more than girls and explain emotionally complex situations to them. Girls are more mature and understand the emotions related to a situation better than boys. The boys need more soothing as well as needs more caring because anger and fearlessness are a combination of injury and mistakes.


According to stereotypes, the boys will choose the car, blue color, and ball whereas a girl will choose pink frill skirts, lacey boots, and dolls. Yet, there are some children who prefer the opposite. Be careful of your child’s choices and notice their behavior. Then, strategize a parenting style.

These differences will be resolved when they grow up and develop more neutral gender roles and therefore it’s only the early years wherein the difference between parenting style depends on the gender. As they grow up, your parenting style will shift to more gender-neutral styles.

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