Grandparents and grandchildren always have a gap in generation, thoughts, and ideologies between them. But the children always cherish the time they spend with their grandparents. The time spent by the parties together is special for both of them as they spend most of their time together. Since a couple becomes parents, they wonder when will they play with their grandchildren.

The problem that arises then is what fun activities can they do together? The children want to run around the house and play hide and seek whereas the grandparents are tired and want to play a game that is indoor and requires low movement. The only activities then possible is board games and card games. 

Read on to find out the activities that both the grandparents and grandchildren can do together in their spare time.

Activities for grandchildren and grandparents:


Solving a puzzle improves the motor skills and hand-eye coordination of the child. It also helps the child to develop his creative skills. It’s also the perfect game for grandchildren and grandparents because it’s both indoor and requires spending many hours over a coffee table or on the floor. For grandparents who have difficulty seeing, their grandchild can help them play this game.


The grandparents and grandchildren can interview each other. They can ask questions about the grandparent’s young life. They can also discuss the childhood of their parents and the pranks they pulled as a child. The interview will be a role-playing game that will be unique and fun for them.

Family tree- 

Grandparents are the source of tracing the family tree. The grandchildren can draw the family tree with their grandparents and contact their relatives together. The family tree can then be hanged on the wall or stick with a magnet on the fridge.

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Photo albums- 

Kids always complain that they have never attended their parent’s marriage. They can go through such albums with their grandparents and they can discuss the events and stories of the wedding. The photo album from a child’s childhood will also lead to many funny, embarrassing, and adorable tales. You can also frame some pictures for memories around the house.


Grandparents need a walk in the open air every day to free their joints. The grandchildren can join them. They can grab a bite or ice cream while coming home. Such fresh air walks are beneficial for both the child as well as the grandma.

Tea party- 

Granddaughters are always looking for new members for their tea parties. Their grandma and granddad make for the perfect members of the tea party. They can set the kitchen together and cook as well. The cooking can be both real as well as make-belief. The grandparents can place a tiara on top of their granddaughter.

There are many more activities such as karaoke, reading, painting, etc. If you have super chilled grandparents then all the activities become fun filled with them. 

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