Jade roller is the tool used traditionally in China. The roller has been cropping up everywhere and the influencers are all making it the talk of the town. But what exactly is a jade roller?

The roller is the beauty tool that has two crystal oval shaped balls on two ends of a pole. One crystal is small in size to reach the inner corners of our eyes. The other hand has relatively bigger crystal and is used to roll around the temples and cheek area of the face.

A jade roller is used before you apply your makeup or skincare for the day. The roller has to be stored in the refrigerator after its used. It doesn’t need any cleaning up before or after use. The way to use a jade roller is to roll the crystal for about 10 minutes all over your face.

Apart from it feeling cold and soothing on your skin, it also has many more benefits and advantages of using a jade roller. Read the benefits of the jade roller before you choose to invest in it as a beauty tool.

Benefits of a jade roller:


It stimulates the circulation of the blood in the face area. This will lead to a healthy and flushed glow on your skin that we usually get after applying the blush. The cold crystal also relaxes the muscles of your face.


Lymphatic drainage is achieved by using a jade roller. This detoxifies the skin both on the outside as well as the internal cells. This will remove the dead cells and dirt of the skin and immediately rejuvenate the skin.

Jade roller and its benefits
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Toning and lifting-

The muscles are relaxed and the face is detoxed. This causes for a natural toning of the face without using any expensive toner for your face. This also lifts the muscles of your face and works as an anti-aging product.


The cooling crystal of the jade roller will reduce the inflammation around the face and helps with reducing the eye bags. This will help your face depuff after a sleepless night or when you cannot catch enough sleep. You will see an instant effect around your eyes after you use the jade roller.


Ask yourself, why do you go get a facial? Apart from the glowing skin, it also promotes a calming effect. Whenever you massage your face, you will feel a calming effect take over your body. This will cause you to destress and you will feel refreshed and ready for the day.

Without a facial and any other skin care products, you can get the effect of the same with a jade roller. It will work best when you will use it in the morning. Use a jade roller before applying your makeup and your skin will glow through the makeup and you will be ready to take on anything that day.

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