To get the effortless beach-y curls, it takes a lot of effort. The heating tools are a way to get the curls but it’s too much work for when we are running late. When you visit a destination for the holiday, you want to pack light, and it’s difficult to carry all your tools. Plus, we also have to consider the hair damage due to the heating tools. There are ways to get your curls without any heating tools and read on to find out.

How to get curls without heat:


This is the most popular way to curl your hair without heat. Braid your hair into one or two plaits at night before you sleep. In the morning, you just have to undo it and apply some serum for smoothing down the frizz. This works best if you braid your hair wet.


If you already have voluminous hair, then apply some sea salt spray from the middle of your hair till the end. Then take your hair in your hands and scrunch it upwards. After some time, you will see the waves in your hair naturally. For having long-lasting waves, you can apply a setting spray.

Hair rollers– 

Ways to get curls without heating tools

For many of us, hair rollers are the thing of the ’80s but we need to bring it back to the limelight. The hair rollers need to be applied on damp hair from bottom to top. Secure them with hairpins and then let your hair dry for up to 3 hours. When you will remove the rollers, you will have big and bouncy curls.


The T-shirt method may seem unusual but it works. The way to do this is to take a T-shirt and then roll it. Tie it around your hair like a halo. Pinup the stray pieces of hair in this halo and when you will remove the pins, you will have soft natural-looking curls. Do this method before sleeping for having curls in the morning.


Another unconventional method is to cut up the tip of the sock and turn it into a donut-shaped scrunchie. Tie your ponytail and then put your scrunchie through it. The hair has to be taken piece by piece to be pushed in the sock to create a big bun. Let it stay overnight and open it in the morning.


This is a fun method and all you will need is a bandana and a textured spray. Put the bandana above your head and then damp your hair with the texturized spray. Then, take strands of your hair and roll it and tuck under your bandana. Let it dry and once it’s dry, you can unroll it and take the bandana off. You will have luscious curls.

The curls are the most fun hairstyle for going on a party, date, or even to a tropical island. The curls without the heat less tools will be bouncy, big, luscious, and beautiful. Set it with a setting spray and apply some serum for long-lasting and shiny hair.

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