Books are the way to have a guide for changing yourself. The books that we read influence our opinions, develop our personality, and help us improve both mentally and spiritually. But if you are reading for the first time, then it’s especially crucial to read the book that will make you fall in love with reading. The books that I have recommended here will change your life in some way or the other and there is something for everyone here.

List of books that will change your life:


This is the book that explains the Indian epic “Mahabharata” from one of its hero’s perspective: Karna. This book is translated into English from its original Marathi language and will influence you as to how to lead a righteous life. Karna was the hero of the Mahabharata war and yet, he was killed? Why? Where did his righteousness go wrong? If you wish to know how to live with courage, maintain friendships, and become the hero of your century, then this book is for you. It will make you more interested in Hindu culture.

The fountainhead- 

A unique book that will change the way you look at love, altruism, and excellence. The book proposes the idea as to how altruism is the way of the herd to hold back the genius and why a true genius is a true egoist. When you add in the romance of the characters while being married to others, it is the most interesting book that will change your outlook.

Love letters of great men- 

This is a book that I was once gifted and it has made me experience that how people will go to great lengths for the ones they love and what is love. The book has love letters of the famous men from the era before us and their love will inspire you to be grateful for the love you have and how to express it.

Books that will change your life
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Veronica decides to die- 

Veronica is a woman who cannot find her way through life and wishes to give up. When finally, she discovers that she will die in a short time, she finds different aspects of life. She is also registered in the institute for mentally challenged people and she realizes whether people who are inside the institute are “mad” or the ones who are outside the institution are “mad”? This tale of self-discovery and a shocking ending will make you appreciate life and may even give you hope to carry on.

PS I love you- 

This book is about the story of a woman who lost her husband at an early age. She cannot find the strength to move on but the letters left by her husband becomes the pole on which she stands erect. She follows his instructions and maybe, in the end, she will be able to embrace life again. 

Some of these books will make you cry, laugh, and even be angry at some characters. But all of them will make you fall in love with reading and teach you valuable lessons about life.

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