Parents are both excited and nervous when they are expecting their first child. If you are expecting twins, it will be increased by two-fold. Parents watch movies and expect to stay up all night breastfeeding and shushing the baby on alternate nights. When a parent has twins, it’s feeding two babies and shushing the two mostly at the same time. Because of the twin telepathy, when one is hungry, the other is hungry as well and when one baby is crying and screaming, the other will follow and cry and scream.

So how can mothers and fathers stay sane and two functioning humans after having twins? There are some ways that you can let the baby pressure dissipate and replace it with an ever-present soothing and calmness. Parenting is a journey and you will be parents for the rest of your life. Getting through the starting few months/ years is challenging, but read on to find some tips that can help you stay sane even after having twins.

How can parents deal with the stress of having twins?

Get out of the house- 

When you will be surrounded by the same environment wherein babies are surrounding at all times, it can become a little overwhelming. Take a break from being a parent and be yourself again. Go out for a walk in your neighborhood, run down to the store to buy groceries, and other items needed at home. These little 5-minute breaks will make you feel fresh. If you have help at home, ask them to baby sit. If you are raising them all by yourself, then take the twins along with you for a good walk and have a one on one with nature.

Shower daily-

 Mothers shower their babies every day but busy moms forget to take a bath. Take a shower daily. Wake up half an hour early for your shower time. Washing off the dirt will make you feel more energized and awake. A shower daily will set you into a routine and you will feel fresh and new.

How to be sane after having twins
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Double feed- 

Rather than feeding one child at a time, feed both the children together. You don’t have to breastfeed them; you can give them a bottle of the stored breast milk. This way you can set one routine and schedule for both the babies. This will help you get them to sleep and eat together. You will avoid the situation wherein one child is sleeping and the other is crying due to hunger.

Other twin parents- 

Parents who have already had twins, they will be able to guide you better. They will tell you about the mistakes they made that you can avoid and, the little tips that helped them may help you as well. Meeting other twins’ parents will also give you an open place to express yourself to someone who understands what you are going through.

Along with these, write every task down. Once you plan your day roughly in advance you will know when you can catch a nap or get some work done. And remember to always say “yes”. Say yes to the beautiful new life and experience with your loved ones by your side.

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