Baby food is usually a combination and amalgamation of solid and liquid food. It’s mashed up carrots and pears. But, do children love that food? No. In the end, you end up running behind your baby or keep trying to force them to eat at regular intervals. They may throw tantrums or cry to escape from eating the mush you have prepared in the kitchen. While you know that it’s healthy for the baby as well as what the baby’s body can accept right now, the baby doesn’t know that.

But what option do you have? Trying out new recipes seems like a hassle sometimes and they are so elaborate, also you do not know all the baby recipes in the world. As a new mother and when your baby is little and young, they need extra caring. You won’t have much time to go to the kitchen to make the dishes that are both delicious and healthy.

This is why, I have combined some easy, tasty, and healthy recipes for your baby. Read on and when you will try them, maybe your baby will end up liking them and your problem will be solved.

Recipes for babies:

Pea puree- 

Peas are the source of pure protein. They are also high in Vitamins A and c as well as iron, protein, and calcium. If your child feels that the skin of the pees is bitter, then remove it and strain the pees. Mash them and feed it to your baby. Even adults enjoy raw peas so I am sure, your baby will find a liking to it as well. Introduce peas after your baby is a little settled with eating solids and has experienced tastes of solids. Do not over feed your baby with mashed peas as it might cause upset stomach.

Banana puree- 

Bananas are a pure source of potassium. The fruit is a natural antacid and it will help your baby from developing any digestive problem and the baby will never experience acid reflex as well. The banana puree is sweet and can work as a dessert. But remember, not to overdo it or else your baby may suffer constipation.

Homemade and healthy baby recipes
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Brown rice cake- 

For making brown rice cake, you soak the brown rice over night. Take ¼ cup of brown rice and then process it through a food processor. Take the mixture also put some soaked and pureed dal. Throw in some veggies like carrot and capsicum. Steam the rice cakes in a idli cooker. Serve it to your baby and it will be something new for her. Rice cake is the most non-allergic food item in nature and this will not expose your baby to any possibilities of allergies. You can try this by replacing brown rice by white rice and oats (for high fiber food) as well.

Always remember, serve your baby, what your baby likes the best. It will take some trial and error for you to perfect the recipe that your baby will like the most and also give his body enough nutrients to grow up happy.


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