Parents all around the world have to decide whether or not the child will sleep with them or not. The furniture of the child can either be moved to their room or the baby’s nursery. There are so many myths about co-sleeping everywhere, that not many parents are comfortable with co-sleeping with their baby even if they wish to do so.

It’s exciting to decorate the baby’s nursery, but if you wish to co-sleep and are afraid of its negative effects on your baby, then worry no more. I will bust some myths regarding co-sleeping today and you can happily sleep with your baby beside you. Many researchers say that if you sleep with your baby then they will grow up to be submissive and dependent.  Again each to there own, it completely depends upon the parents and the family who wants to adapt co-sleeping or not.

By the time your baby reaches the toddler stage in the development, the child will wish to move into their room and sleep in their bed like a big boy or girl. So here are some benefits of co-sleeping with your baby.

Pros of co-sleeping:

Quality of sleep- 

The child experiences a new world when it is born. When you sleep beside your child, they will feel safe and loved. Because of this, they will sleep faster and for longer periods at night. If you sleep beside your baby, they tend to sleep throughout the night and their sleeping routine will be identical to yours. 

Effect on mothers- 

Mothers experience early baby blues after delivering their child. Mothers have reported that after they sleep beside their baby, they slept better and had a night of quality sleep. The mothers can sleep easy as they are assured that their baby is beside them to protect. They also feel rewarded when they can put their infant to sleep.

Breast feeding- 

Many mothers have problems producing milk in their breast and switch to FORMULA Milk. When mothers sleep with their babies, it helps them to lactate easily, and they can breastfeed their babies. When mothers breastfeed their baby, the baby is healthy and the mother will also observe some positive mental and physical changes.


Infants who sleep beside their parents, they grow up feeling secure, loved, and accepted. This helps them build a better relationship with their parents and promote a healthy environment at home. Because the child feels secure and loved, they will grow up to have healthy relationships with their friends and partner.

Co-Sleeping, Is It Bad Or Good
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Reduces sudden infant death syndrome- 

The parents sleep beside their baby and hence if there is a problem with the baby in the middle of the night, they are more aware of the same. They can treat their baby and reach healthcare on time.

Co-sleeping will induce healthy and positive effects on both babies and parents. Co-sleeping is healthy if you practice in the early years, and when the baby is ready, shift the child to his or her crib/room. Co-sleeping is a healthy parenting style, and many parents around the world, of different cultures, are practicing it.

DISCLAIMER: We are not professionals and are only sharing our own experiences.

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