For a beginner, makeup steps are already complicated to master and it becomes even more difficult when different influencers have various methods and routines for applying makeup. We know that if we wish to apply makeup flawlessly, we need the appropriate technique as well as brushes. For example, you cannot apply foundation with a fan brush, it has to be applied with a sponge or a big fluffy brush.

When you go to the store, you may not be sure which brush should you take. There are so many categories such as materials, sizes, shapes, etc. We know the basic brushes for makeup application, but here I have put a list of the makeup brushes and types. This information will be useful, especially if you are a beginner or wish to be a makeup artist.

The next time you see an influencer with a big bag of brushes, don’t feel left out, rather understand what brushes are used for which makeup application. Read on and you will know exactly the same.

Makeup brushes and its type:

Foundation brush- 

The foundation forms the base of your makeup. If the base looks cracked, cakey, or is applied unevenly, then the look will not be impressive. For applying foundation, use a beauty sponge. The beauty sponge has a diagonal cut on the top to make it flat for a better application. The foundation brush has to be big and fluffy with soft bristles. The con with the sponge is that it will soak the foundation a little. A wet brush is best for the application of the base.

Concealer brush- 

The brush used to conceal the dark circles and blemishes has to be small and very precise. You never swirl or blend the concealer like a foundation. For applying concealer, you have to pat it in the skin with the brush. The brush has to be pointy on the top to reach the inner corner of your eyes.

Types of brushes for different makeup applications
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Blush brush-

A blush brush is very similar to the foundation brush, but it’s smaller, and the bristles are made of different materials. This is because blush is in powder form and the foundation is in a liquid form. If you are short of brushes, then you may use the brush interchangeably after cleaning them thoroughly. You can also use a stippling brush for applying blush.

Highlighter brush-

The brush to apply a highlighter, has to be a fan brush. A fan brush will make it easy to trace the shape “c” from your cheekbones till your eyes. A highlighter can also be applied with a small brush with bristles that are packed together for a concentrated and heavy pigment.

Along with these, there are also angular brushes for applying makeup on your eyebrows. For applying eyeshadow, you can apply it with two brushes: blending brush and packing brush. The blending brush is used to blend the shadows together. The packing brush is used on the lid of the eye to apply glitter or a specific shadow that is the highlight of your look.

DISCLAIMER: We are not professionals and are only sharing our own experiences.

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