Acne-prone skin is something all of us have struggled with at one point in our life. If you wish to prevent your acne from coming back or wish for your skin to become clear, then you have come to the right place. Acne not only makes the skin look unclear and red but also causes irritation and makes you feel uncomfortable. So many of us experiment with our makeup and foods and follow strict rules to avoid acne and yet, we breakout often.

So, what are we doing wrong? Are we using the wrong makeup products? Eating the wrong food? Or applying skincare products that are simply worsening the acne? All of these questions swirl in our mind and then we knock the door of a dermatologist. What is important to know is that, along with your skin treatment, there are some things that you need to take care of by yourself.

If you wish to get clear skin, then read on and the skincare routine may change up your skincare game.

Skincare routine for acne-prone skin:


When we apply makeup, many of us remove our makeup with makeup removing wipes and wash our face with water. How many of us are guilty of coming home from outside and of not washing the face? The dirt, makeup, germs, etc. will only worsen the breakout of acne. After you have removed the makeup, cleanse your face and if you like it, double cleanse it. Every time you come home from outside, make sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly.

Skincare for acne-prone skin
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Exfoliating the face is a very important step in the skincare routine. It will get rid of all the excess dirt from your pores as well as remove the dead skin. The dirt accumulated in the pores is the number one reason for acne. And, if you exfoliate regularly or twice a week, then you will observe a decline in your breakouts.

Serums and oils- 

For moisturizing your face, there are many serums, oils, and creams specially made for people who have acne-prone skin. Use those products than the normal face cream. The products for acne-prone skin will have special ingredients that will help in healing your skin faster.


Your skin needs nourishment and moisture especially after a thorough cleanse or exfoliation. For this, you can apply a mask. If you are in a hurry, then apply a hydrating sheet mask. If you have removed time for your skincare, then apply masks that will rejuvenate your skin and help you in getting rid of the redness caused by the acne as well as the acne.

All the products you use for the above process has to be especially recommended for acne-prone skin and not the normal ones. Along with this, also keep sanitizer with you at all times. When you eat, use your phone, go to the toilet, etc. your fingers will have germs on it. If you touch your face with it, then it can cause you to breakout. Keep sanitizing your phone regularly with wipes as it has the most germs.

DISCLAIMER: We are not professionals and are only sharing our own experiences.

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