Anxiety is a medical condition and a feeling you get wherein you panic, hyperventilate, and may even feel breathless. In our everyday life, our symptoms may not be severe, but it doesn’t mean that we aren’t suffering from anxiety. Anxiety symptoms start to show up when your mind is on autopilot and in overdrive. The work, family pressure, relationship and financial pressure may get you down at times and cause you to overexert yourself.

When your body is riddled with stress and anxiety, it won’t be able to perform any other functions properly. To get rid of anxiety and the day to day pressure, there are some effective therapies that you can do by yourself. And, never feel alone, many of us are going trough a similar journey.

I have mentioned some tips that will help you in managing your anxiety and returning your mind and body to a state wherein it’s calm and peaceful.

Effective tips to deal with anxiety:

Go out- 

A breath of fresh air and sun can do wonders on our mental health. If you are sitting at your home or office and feel restricted by the thoughts mulling in your head, then go out and take a walk. If you feel anxious even after the walk, then quit the soothing walk and run. Run till all you can hear is your labored breath. When you will do some strenuous physical activity, it will release dopamine in your bloodstream and you feel lighter and better.

How To Overcome Anxiety
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Say no caffeine- 

A hot cup of coffee and cocoa is the key mantra for many of us to feel fresh. At times though, your caffeine intake makes you more anxious. If you observe a pattern wherein there is a direct correlation between caffeine intake and anxiety, then stop consuming it for a while and observe the changes in your body. You can replace it with milk/juice or non-alcoholic energy drinks.

Strict bedtime- 

All of us are guilty of quitting sleep because we want to get work done on time. We may neglect our social life and personal lie for our professional life. We often underestimate the power of sleep. A good night’s quality sleep will ensure that your mind is sharp and fresh. You will be able to do your work faster and better than before if you sleep. Ensure that you sleep a minimum of 6 hours a day.


When we are over stressed and anxious about something, the first thing we do is turn to our trusted friend and lean on them. While our friends are good listeners and may offer useful advice, it won’t calm the storm in you. So, take a pillow and scream in it. You don’t have to yell any words or even positive remarks, just shout as high as you can. This will take the edge off of you and you feel fresh and less frustrated. Also, you wont take out the burden by shouting at your close ones.

You are the only one who can take care of yourself. Change always begins from within. Think Positive and inculcate positive energies in your life by regularly practicing and re-enforcing positive thoughts. If after these techniques you still feel anxious, then don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

DISCLAIMER: We are not professionals and are only sharing our own experiences.

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