When we see the beauty bloggers get recognition, fame, and products as a an affiliate or brand ambassadors, it makes you want to be a beauty blogger as well. You may be very passionate about beauty and makeup and have so many tips that you would want to share with the world. But its not that eazy breezy as it sounds and looks. It takes days of consistent hard work to be a well known influencer and beauty blogger.

The creative writing, the pictures/videos, the editing uploading process, the marketing practice, and strategies, etc is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s easier said than done. To be a beauty blogger, you also have to be a good writer. You cannot capture the attention of your audience if you cannot be a creative writer. Along with this, you always need ideas that aren’t repetitive and have to be always on your toes to find innovative and unique ideas to shoot videos and capture photos!

Aside from creativity and writing, there are many things that you need to research before becoming a beauty blogger, and to make it easy, here I have listed things to know before you decide to become a full-time beauty blogger.

How to be a beauty blogger?


Things To Know Before Becoming A Beauty Blogger

Beauty bloggers have to find a perfect platform for their postings. You can’t post the blogs anywhere you want to. After short listing the technicality, you have to register to the site, subscribe, pay the fee, and then you are one step over with your journey of being a beauty blogger.  You can choose Instagram, youtube and other similar platforms to promote your work. Also, when technicality is the main focus, you have to have an absolute mindblowing and worthy photo/video editing applications which will just enhance your beauty game to the next level!

Photo Editing App: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Video Editing App: Filmora (For Beginners), Adobe Premium Rush ( Cross Platform)

Most of the above platforms are paid and you need to study and learn the apps really well before actually starting to use it. In few days time, you will a get a hang of the applications and you will be a pro!


Many people have some brilliant ideas and think to become a beauty blogger, but you have to be very consistent with your work. You cannot write tips for acne, makeup tips for the first date, and then stop. The content cannot also be repetitive. You have to consistently post different topic’s video/photos on a daily basis and for different topics every week, you have to keep researching. Research also includes the testing of all sorts of beauty products, so that you can give a very honest and genuine reviews to your audience.


If you willing to consider beauty blogging as a full time career and ear money out of it, then you have to really know about how to market your blog and yourself very well. Use various social media platforms, SEO trafficking, affiliate marketing and many other ways to promote your blogs/vlogs.

Things to know before becoming a beauty blogger
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Approaching companies- 

You might have thought that you will start a blog and then immediately you will get affiliate products and earnings, actually that this doesn’t work like that. It takes time, consistency and persistence. Initially, you have to take the initiative of approaching many companies. You may not get a response earlier very easily because you still are new in the business and do have have a large audience, but stay dedicated and do not get disheartened. If you trust your talent and content, then it will turn around soon for you and you will have many great opportunities at your door step. Never be shy to approach opportunities than waiting for it to come to you.


If you get products for testing, your opinions and reviews have to be honest and candid. Your audience will not trust you if you give out fake reviews or sugarcoat the problems with the products only to earn money. If you give honest opinions, then many people will be at the edge of their seats for knowing your opinion before they invest in a product.

Consistency, Dedication, creativity, and patience are the key ingredients for becoming a successful beauty blogger. Put across really interesting and different types of unique and fresh content and you will win your audience’s heart!



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