Staying healthy is a choice and promise that we often make to ourselves. We work out for a week and eat healthily; get regular sleep as well. But all of this stops after a certain time. Why do we quit something that is making us fitter, stronger, and healthier? It’s due to our fast-paced life. If you are someone who wishes to be healthier and wants to worship the temple that is your body, then the following tips will help you to stay healthy.

We cannot promise ourselves that we will work out every day for 2 hours and eat 100% healthy food. But we can promise ourselves that we can work out 15 minutes a day and eat healthy 60% of the time. I have mentioned some tips that will help you in staying healthy despite your busy schedule. These tips are such that you can inculcate them in your life easily and quickly. Read on, and get tips for having a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for having a healthy lifestyle:

Quit the Elevator- 

Rather than working on steps in the gym, you can quit taking the elevator at your workplace and home and, instead take the stairs. Taking the stairs initially will be difficult for you; so, start easy. Take 3 floors of stairs and the rest you can take a lift. The fitter you get, the more floors can you climb via steps. Take it one step at a time, and increase the floors every week.


All of us are guilty of driving to the supermarket that is 10 minutes away from your house. If you don’t have a very big grocery list, then walk to the supermarket than taking your car out. This 10 minutes walk will refresh your mind and body. Walk as much as you can. Another way to get walking into your schedule is to walk while talking to someone on the phone, this way you will have a good time talking on the phone and won’t even realise that you have walked quite a bit.

Home lunch- 

How to have a healthy lifestyle
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You can stop wasting your coin by buying lunch from a nearby restaurant and the office cafeteria. Instead, pack your lunch. There are many healthy and tasty recipes for you to try. You can pack your lunch Mon-Thur and on friday, you can eat out with your friends and colleagues. Try and have a cheat day once or maximum twice a week.


Detox is not limited to the body, but also your mind. You need to detox your negative thoughts and people who are channeling negative energy into your life. For this, you can read some self-development books. Have a list of positive quotes to read or write every morning. Stick some sticky notes on your dresser and desk full of positive quotes.


Staying healthy also includes taking rest. A change in scenery will do wonders for your mind and body. You can relax, rest, replenish, and then come back to work after a long and healthy vacation.

There are many more ways in which you can stay healthy but always start small. You can track your mood and progress in a journal. You will see the difference in your mind and body after you have committed full-time to a healthy lifestyle.


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