In our generation, we are surrounded by glossy magazines with models that have the societal deemed “ideal hourglass figure”. Beauty standards keep changing depending upon the structure, style, taste and personal preference of a famous trendsetter. We tend to disregard the basic structure of our body and try to chase the body goals and different features that we cannot achieve.

Not having body confidence steals many an opportunity from us as well as stop us from revamping our closets with clothes that suit our style and taste. We may not be confident with our body and not be appreciative of our features even if others might be jealous of us. You can read on and find some helpful tips to gain confidence over your body.

Tips for body confidence:


You may not like your arms but be proud of your curves. Change your closet to have pieces in your wardrobe that will cover your features that you dislike but to flatter your features that you love. Once you start wearing clothes that makes you happy, gradually you will be able to embrace all of your features.


Our body has a structure to help us move to aid in our daily functioning. Rather than harboring negative thoughts regarding your body, you can be appreciative of a healthy and functioning body that many don’t have the luxury of. This will enhance your appreciation of your body and instantly boosts your confidence.

Stick notes-

Take colorful sticky notes and stick it around your mirror in a pattern or randomly. On all of the sticky notes, write down the features that you like the most. Every time you will go in front of your dresser, you will read the features you adore and it will make you happier and more confident with your body.

Change your mindset-

How to be confident with your body
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Whether you are making lifestyle changes such as diet or exercise, don’t do it for a hotter or desirable body. You can certainly work towards bettering your body but being obsessive with scales and measurement will only discourage you to continue if you see a slow growth. Make these changes for a healthier and fitter body that is flexible and does not tire easy. It will motivate you to continue on your journey when you see the progress you are making. It will be a long term commitment of staying healthy too.


When your friend cribs to you about having an unhealthy and fat body, don’t agree or compete with her. You can respond by saying a compliment and encourage her to make changes than cry about it. When you will make others feel beautiful around you, they will make you feel beautiful in return as well.

Beauty is not limited to the body, rather your thoughts, nature and behavior. You will only be perceived how you perceive yourself. Confidence comes from within, and never shy away from pursuing a lifestyle that will make you fitter. People who workout and eat healthy are more likely to be confident with their body.


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