Children are the ones who have faced major shifts in their daily routine due to the pandemic we are facing currently. Being not able to play outside, visit their friends, study at home online, etc. has taken a toll on children. We may know the importance of cleaning our hands and face continuously but children may run away if you ask them to wash their hands and face all the time every day.

But then how can you ensure that your children will follow the hygiene rules? Here are some tips that will allow you to maintain the basic hygiene of your child during this COVID-19 pandemic. They might be a handful right now and also can get away with throwing a tantrum. Read on to know more about maintaining the hygiene of your child.

Aesthetic products- 

Firstly try and explain to your children regarding the importance of washing hands before every meal and on a regular basis. Try to inculcate this thought process consistently. But if in case your child is one of them who’s not very keen on cleaning their hands regularly, then provide them with a sanitizer. Give them a sanitizer to carry with them at all times ( Alcoholic sanitizer). Buy a sanitizer that has the smell of their favorite fruit or flower; this will make them use it more often than a regular non-scented sanitizer. Also, please keep a close watch on your child and monitor them while they are sanitizers.

New rules- 

All of us are facing a crisis and our lives have changed the definition of “normal”. You have to introduce and make them understand the new rules to your children as well. New rules can be like taking a bath every time you go to the corridor and play, as well as wash your hands before every meal, wear a mask in case you are stepping out of the house and talk to the neighbors and friends from a distance. The rules can also include only indoor games and no outdoor games for the time being until the time there is a COVID-19 vaccination released in the market.


Disinfect the toys of your children with sanitizing products. You can also pour child safe disinfectants in their clothes while soaking them. This will kill any germs that might be lingering in there clothes. The disinfectant will make their surrounding safe and clean and virus free. Also, educate them not to put any thing inside there mouths without washing the object.

Social distancing- 

How to take care of your child's hygiene during a pandemic
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Children are more likely to come in contact with the virus when they go out, to their friend’s place, in the playground, etc. Teach them how to practice social distancing. The social distancing can be practiced by regular video calls with their friends. You can also allow them to enter gaming tournaments with their friends online (if the child is a little older 13 + age group). This will make it easier for them to stay at home and stay safe as well.

Role model- 

You should follow the rules you impose on your children. If they take bath twice a day and wash hands before every meal, then you should follow the same. If they see you implementing the same rules as you ask them then they will understand the importance of it and follow it with you. You can make their bath time quite interactive with games and playing with bath toys.

At the end of the day, health triumphs everything. If your child doesn’t understand why they are required to follow new rules, it’s because they won’t understand why they are asked to do the same. Hence, sit them down and explain the pandemic situation to them and also how important it is to take care of our health.

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