There are so many memes and videos on the internet created by the children titled “cool parents: expectation v/s reality”. They roast the parents and their rules online. Even if most of it is done as a joke, there is some truth to their videos. When a parent becomes a parent, they suddenly forget the struggle they faced as children and come up with strict rules. The strict rules will make the children think that the parents don’t believe and trust the children. 

But supporting your kids and being cool is easier said than done. Parents find it hard to stay on the sidelines when their child faces a problem. They have to constantly fight the urge to let the children grow on their own as well as help them and shield them from the negativity of the world. Hence, here I have listed the few points becoming cool parents.

Read on and you will find out the behavior patterns to become cool parents.

Cool parents parenting rules:

Remember your childhood- 

When you were a kid, you faced many rules and strict parenting boundaries that you thought were unnecessary. You need to remind yourself of those rules and think over which rules were good and differentiate those amongst the ones that restricted your freedom. Understand your children’s perspective first then make rules.

Trust is both ways- 

How to be super cool parents
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Parents get upset when their children don’t trust their experience, knowledge, and intentions for making rules. But they need to understand that trust goes both ways. If the children need to trust you, then you have to trust your children as well. Before imposing any curfews, restrictions, and criticizing them, learn that they will do what is in their best interest.


Many parents may not share their troubles and life shortcomings with their children. They always “baby” their children and protect them from the world. But having an open conversation with them will make them feel like an adult. When they feel like an adult, they will also behave like adults and be responsible like one too.

Your child is not your punching bag- 

When parents are aggressive; they tend to shout at their children without any reason. But when you do so, they will retaliate and it will make the air between you two tenser. If you are angry, then separate the feelings and then respond to your child with rationality and patience.

Ways of punishment- 

Punishing your kid is not a new thing but how you do so is important. You can stop them from watching TV, hang out with their friends, etc. But you cannot punish them with this all the time. If you punish them harshly every time, then they won’t understand what a big mistake is and which one is a small mistake. Sometimes, silence and deep conversations can replace your punishments.

Being cool parents should come from within, and it will come more naturally to you when you start open communication with your children. They love you and trust you unconditionally and you should show them that you do too.

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