None of us thought that we would face a pandemic that will lock us for the time being in our own house. This new schedule means a new routine for your child as well. The biggest change they have faced is an online school. Waking kids up for school before lockdown involved screaming and hustling, but now that we are home, they are more than ever adamant to stay rooted in their bed. 

We cannot scream and shout at them when we are also facing difficulties at this time. Waking them up and sitting in front of a device to study is not as easy as we expected it to be. They are uneasy due to staying at home for a long time as well as studying through a screen. Hence, here I have listed some ideas and ways to wake your kids up for online schooling.

Tips to wake kids up for online school during COVID-19:

New schedule- 

Getting ready for school in the early morning is a vague term for the kids. Break down the schedule for the children. Instead of saying get up at 7:30 am, and get ready for school, break it down as the following: get up, make your bed, brush your teeth, take a bath, breakfast, school. This will give them tasks to do that they are familiar with. You can also make them a to-do list and cross the things with them when it is done.


There is no incentive as good as the food. Wake your kids every day with new recipes for breakfast. Prepare for them the dishes that they like so that they can get up for eating them. The breakfast can also be prepared with them so that it adds as a fun activity for the family as well as bonding time.

Prepare during the night- 

How can you make your kids wake up for online school
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Just like every school day, you can prepare the school bag with books for the next day. They can lay down the uniform or casual dress they wish to wear the previous night as well. The excitement of opening the books and wearing their school uniform or casual dress will get them to be up before their alarm rings.

Puzzle alarms- 

The kids of this generation are very digitally adapt. There are many apps available for kids that enable them to solve puzzles for switching off the alarm. Place the phone on the bedside table and set the alarm for the morning. When they will take 5 minutes to solve the puzzle, they are less likely to go back to sleep.

New things- 

New Year at school ensures that the child gets a new school bag, new water bottle, new books, etc. If it’s possible, then you can order online some new school items with them. If you cannot do so for safety purposes, then buying new stationery from the nearby store will just do the same trick.

Children need something to wake up to. Provide them with new incentives every day and once this will set as a routine, it will be easier to wake them up for online schooling.

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