The most precious thing right now for everyone around the world is their hands. Due to coronavirus, it is advised to wash our hands regularly and frequently. This is because the virus comes into contact with our body through the hands. When the virus is on your hands, and you touch your nose and eyes with the same, you will come in contact with the virus. Hence, it has become of utmost importance to always keep washing your hands.

The recommended time to wash the hands is every 20 minutes. They also recommend that you wash your hands after you come in contact with external objects while going outside. But can we always follow that? No. It is extremely difficult to not touch the railing of the stairs, to not shake the hands of your friends and neighbors, and to not touch the essential objects that are bought from outside.

Here I have listed some techniques and tricks by which you can take care of your hands.

Taking care of hands amidst COVID-19:


How to take care of your hands
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It’s difficult to wash your hands every time, but you can always carry a sanitizer with you. A sanitizer that has an alcohol level over 75% will kill the virus on your hands. So, the next time you touch the railings of your house, buy some essentials, etc. sanitize your hands. You can ask the watchman to sanitize everyone’s hands before coming into the residential area. You can also sanitize the bags that you used to carry the essentials and then keep it aside.

Don’t touch the essentials- 

When you buy the essentials, don’t touch them. Just touch the handles of your bag. Open it, and the shop keeper will place the product in the bag. This will help your hands to not come in touch with the products that might have a virus in it. You can also keep the shopping aside for a day or two. This way by the time you touch it, the virus would have died.


How to take care of your hands

Whether it is disposable gloves or cotton gloves, they provide as an extra layer on top of your hands. The gloves will protect your hands from coming in contact with the virus. If you are wearing the cotton glove, ensure to immediately wash it with soap after you have used them. After washing them, you must wash your hands as well.


Washing hands-

 While you are washing your hands- wash it till your elbow. Wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds that too thoroughly and knuckle deep. After you have gone to the market and come home, wash your hands immediately and before eating as well. And if you feel unsafe or have touched a lot of products around the house or visited your neighbor, then wash your hands every 20 minutes.

Along with washing hands, you can also take a bath every time you come home from out. The hands are to be washed regularly and frequently. Make sure you don’t continuously touch your nose and eyes. 


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