In times of the current pandemic, your safety is the priority. The lock-down is issued for our safety, but we still have to go downstairs for buying the essentials. With the government slowing down the strictness on the lock-down, and us having to work; we have to be more vigilant than ever. The covering of the face will ensure that even if we come in contact with the virus, we won’t touch our eyes, nose, and mouth with our hands. This will protect the virus from entering our bodies. 

Covering the face with a mask is obvious. But there are also other ways by which you can cover your face and protect it. Instilling social distance while shopping for essentials may not be possible, and hence, here I have listed some ways to cover your face. You can follow these tips and stay protected from the danger of COVID-19.


 Mask is an obvious choice for covering the face. But there are many types of masks available in the N-95 Masks are considered to be the most efficient masks in the market, when it comes to corona-virus. This is a durable mask and can facilitate proper breathing as well. The other type of mask is the use-and-throw or handmade surgical masks. These masks are more light in weight. Try to get a double-layered mask, it will do the trick of protecting you. The newest mask is the mask that has a plastic shield. The plastic shield will cover your eyes as well, in turn giving you a full protection.

How to take care of your face when you go out during a pandemic
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Cover your hair- 

It is said by the experts that the virus stays for a long time in your hair. While you go downstairs, cover your hair with a scarf, handkerchief, dupatta, shawl, or even a beanie and cap. The hair has to be covered, as well as, the face. You can also wear a monkey cap as it covers the hair, eyes, nose, and mouth. If in case you fail to cover your hair, then do come back home and shampoo your hair for safety.


If you are worried about touching your eyes frequently while going down, then, you can wear sunglasses. The sunglasses will of course protect you from the glare of the sun, as well as, prevent you from touching your eyes with the fingers. The sunglasses will also facilitate you in preventing the virus to enter through your eyes. 

Social distancing- 

When you speak to someone by standing too close to them, chances are that their spittle will fly on your face. You may also involuntarily infect each other. You can also prevent yourself from touching the objects that they touch, and hence, break the cycle of the coronavirus. 

Regular Skin Care Routine-

Constantly wearing your mask can cause you to break out and skin might feel quite uncomfortable, so please do stick to your daily skin care routine i.e cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Also , since going to the salon is a little risky right now; so do try to do some DIY facials at home to give your face that freshness and love.

Taking care of your face is essential even after the corona virus pandemic. This is because you can catch any infection or disease through communication and touching of the face. Wearing a mask is compulsory, but the other tips I have mentioned are a bonus to cover your face and make sure you are safe. Also, try to wash yourself up with a soap every-time you step out of the house. Take care and lets fight this pandemic together.


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