Some of us had education plans for abroad, most of us had trips we wanted to take, a lot of had wedding plans, and almost all of us had plans that are squashed by social distancing and lockdowns. The coronavirus has forced us to stay in for our safety. The lockdown and social distancing is affecting all of us mentally. While we can watch news and stress eat, there are still many who are struggling to find a semblance of normalcy.

People who are working from home and has a steady income, they are productive and keeping themselves busy. The lockdown is especially hard on people who are living alone, students in different country and people with shortcomings financially. Most of the anxiety arises from the uncertainty of this time.

Nobody knows when can we press play again on our lives and till then, read on, and find out how to stay hopeful and strong during these times.

Tips for staying strong and hopeful during coronavirus:

Count your blessings-

It’s second nature for us to get caught between thoughts that are negative and points out everything that we lack. Which is why, it’s important that you count your blessings. Your blessings could be safety of yourself and family, extra time to spend with family, financial stability, time to rest and recuperate, time for mental health, etc.

Be productive-

How to be strong and hopeful during uncertain times
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If you are caught up between the 9-5 everyday, then, it will give you a hope of normalcy. If you don’t work, then you can start freelancing. You can pursue the hobby that you always wanted to indulge in. You can have photo shoots with different looks. You can even start a YouTube channel. Doing anything productive will make you feel well.

Staying in touch-

Even if you cannot physically stay in touch with your loved ones, you can always catch up with your loved ones virtually. Have a group video call once a week or twice a month and play games. This activity will make you feel connected to your social group.

Online classes-

Did you want to learn a musical instrument? Painting? Photography? Pre-corona you didn’t have the time to do so. Now that you have all the time in the world, you can join online classes and learn something new. You can either be bad or good at it, but as long as you’re enjoying it, that’s what matters.

If you still feel anxiety bubbling inside you, then you can always opt for some online counseling. The counseling will ease your discomfort and help you cope with your negative thoughts. Sometimes taking a walk downstairs and reading a new book can also change your mood and outlook towards life. Watch a sit-com, sit with your family and stay positive. Avoiding the glaring numbers of the people affected due to coronavirus on the news, that will help you immensely as well. Make future plans later, learn to enjoy your today first.

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