Have you ever been to a party and your child has held your leg and started bawling his or her eyes out? Or did they shout and scream till they were red in the face so that you would buy them a toy? If the answer is yes, then you are aware of the temper tantrum of your child. It’s both heartbreaking and embarrassing to see your child in such distress and creating a scene in public. Temper tantrums result when the parent refuses something to their child. The child upsets both his mental and physical health due to their temper.

Handling a temper tantrum is more than giving in to the wishes of your child. If you accept their wishes to avoid the temper tantrum, then you pass on the message that “you get everything if you pout and scream”. Their tantrum needs to be handled with the perfect tactic, patience, and unconditional love. Sometimes you may have to be tough, but if it’s for the betterment of your child, it’s worth it.

Read on, and you will know the tricks for handling the next temper tantrum of your child.


The child may cry because they are feeling ill, hungry, or didn’t have a good night’s sleep. Before you go out of the house, make sure the child is fed, rested, and feels well as a precaution. This is to avoid the unnecessary scene that will be caused due to stress, frustration, and ill functions of their body.

Loosen the reins- 

You cannot control every aspect of the child’s life. Not every time you have to give in to their wishes, but indulging them once or twice is not out of the line. You can let them choose their outfit, but you can decide the outing details. They can choose either their favorite ice cream or a toy they wish to buy.

Stay calm- 

How to control the temper tantrum of your child
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If both you and your child scream, it will be a disaster. Hence, you have to stay calm. It’s easy to give in to your anger, stress, and frustrations, but it’s not fair to the child. They are young and don’t understand a lot of things. Stay calm and patient. If they see they don’t affect you, then they will stop their tantrum.


When nothing else works, distraction works best. You can distract them with a drive, a meeting, and playdate with their friends, treating them with food, etc. The distraction will let them forget what was it that made them scream and chortle so loud.


Laughter is the best medicine. You can crack a joke, they can watch a cartoon, they can also read a funny comic book. When they start laughing, they will forget their anger and frustration. You can also pick them up and tickle them.

You can try to end their frustrations with dancing, singing, games, and activities. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between making them happy and not soiling them.

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