If you are one of those parents who is scared of their child’s eyesight and development due to screen time, then you are just one of the million parents. Screen time has to be limited for the children as they can cause their eyes to be puffy, red and swollen. Over time, their vision will blur and double which will lead them to getting big glasses at a young age.

You can try to communicate this to your kids and yet, they will refuse to listen to you. They play video games in the afternoon, surf the phone in the morning and watch shows at night on laptop. The kids as young as 13 have cellphones and access to internet and laptops these days. Along with bad retinas, they are also exposing themselves to the unfiltered websites over the internet.

If you wish to control your child’s screen time, then you can adopt some or all the tips I will mention.

Controlling the screen time of your child:

Anti-glare glasses-

There are glasses in the market that have a pink tint over them. This provides as a shield between the screen’s harsh blue light and the eyes. You can also set the light of the laptops and phones to “protect eye mode”. It will definitely minimize the damage.

Token economy-

Rather than giving into every whim of your child, you can restrict them from using the screen and at the same time, make them feel rewarded. Prepare a star sheet for your child. Every time they finish their tasks such as cleaning the room, studying, rearranging their toys, etc. reward them with a star. When they have accumulated a number of stars, they can exchange it for extra “screen time”.

Weekend is for fun-

How to check screen time for your child
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On the weekdays, you can prepare a schedule wherein the child is allowed half an hour screen time. They can divide it into various minutes throughout the day or watch something together for 30 minutes. On the weekends, they are free to watch TV for longer times, i.e. an hour or two.

Playing outside-

Take your child to the beach and garden regularly to play. When they will be exhausted from playing outside, they will not want to watch anything on the screen ( ofcourse this applies after corona virus vaccines are out, but you could definitely take your child to a safe zone where there are less people and you can maintain a good social distancing). The outside time will also improve their development both mentally and physically. They can also make new friends and learn the social conundrum soon.

At the end of the day, a child always wishes to do what an adult gets to do. You can set an example by reading a book, playing an instrument or games, indoor games, spending time with family, etc. You can set an example wherein you choose these activities over screen time and enjoy it more than screen time. Interact and play with your kids, they will forget all about the screen time. No child ever prefers TV over rolling in mud and climbing over trees.

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