Haldi is one of the spices that we tend to lean on when we want to feel good about ourselves. Be it a cut wound or beauty mask or to fight bacteria, we use Haldi. Haldi is used in water, milk, and other drinks. Other forms of using it are by making a face mask or preparing a mixture with milk and yogurt. Haldi has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing effects that will lessen or prevent scarring. Haldi is also responsible for detan, fighting fine lines and wrinkles as well as scarring of acne and wounds. Read on to know more uses of Haldi.

How is Haldi good for the skin?

Acne scarring- 

Haldi has anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce the burning of the acne. Acne scarring and red spots will diminish over time by using Haldi. You can prepare many different types of Haldi packs and mixtures to your face. Applying it twice a week will make you see differences in your skin.

Body scrub and exfoliate –

It has been a popular home recipe to apply Haldi body scrub once a week. For making this scrub mixture, you can take Haldi and mix it with malai and besan. This mixture can be applied before a bath once a week followed by a full-body wash. This will reduce the tan on your arms and make your skin smooth and supple.


If you have paper cuts, tear in the skin, a bloody wound, using Haldi will help you heal. The blood will stop flowing from your wounds after you press Haldi on it. The Haldi will also help with the healing and closing of your wounds faster and better. It will also warrant that no marks are left on your skin after it has had a wound.

Glowing skin- 

Benefits of Haldi
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Applying face masks made up with Haldi will have your skin glowing in no time. Haldi boosts collagen production in the skin which will produce the growth of healthy skin cells on the face. Many companies are making skincare based on Haldi as a prime ingredient. They are used as face washes, scrubs, and masks. You can apply this twice or thrice a week for a difference.

Cures psoriasis-

Psoriasis is a condition wherein there are boils on the hands and legs. The boils are painful and make your skin itchy and scratchy. The Haldi with its anti-inflammatory properties will calm your skin and boils. This will be an effective method to lessen psoriasis marks on your body along with prescribed medication. 

There are many other benefits when it comes to haldi. We have focused on just skincare benefits, but there are many other medical benefits to Haldi as well. It is a natural ingredient that is always in our kitchen. The next time you want young and supple skin, reach out for that Haldi in the cabinet. 

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