We are all aware of two types of days, bad hair day and good hair day. Unfortunately, we have more bad hair days than good hair days. Most often when we have to go out for a date, or have an important meeting, etc. is the time when we seem to have hair that is frizzy, dry, and untamable. For all of us who have dry hair, the situation is always that of a bad hair day as we cannot make it look shiny, lustrous, and glossy.

The dry hair has a look of frizziness, lackluster, and is scratchy to touch. Dryness of the hair usually occurs due to a lack of nutrition to the scalp. Few may invest in fancy hair care products for dry hair and oil it regularly, but still, it will either give no result or will be too expensive to continue using them indefinitely.

Olive oil is a product that is readily available in our homes and is not as expensive as a fancy hair care. Read on, and find out the benefits, and treatment plans for dry hair using olive oil.

As a conditioner- 

If olive oil is used as a conditioner, then it will nourish your hair and prevent it from further drying. It will repair the roots from the first wash. You can prepare hair masks as conditioners at home, and apply a pinch of olive oil to the same. Apply it like a regular conditioner, and then rinse it off.

As oil- 

How to treat dry hair with olive oil
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Olive oil can be applied as oil in your hair directly. You can even mix it with your regular oil by adding a few drops of the same. It will fight the bacteria and radicals that dry your scalp. If you have bacteria in your hair, they will suck the nourishment of the scalp, which results in a dry scalp.

Application at the ends- 

Hair cuticles often break into parts, called as split ends. The split ends can be cured with olive oil. You can take some in a bowl and apply it to your ends. The ends of the hair are not usually oiled by many as they only oil the scalp. But rubbing olive oil on your hair ends will heal the split ends and dryness.

Hair mask-

You can prepare the hair masks using avocado and olive oil. Peel the avocado skin and put it in a blender. Add a pinch of olive oil to the avocado paste. This will create a thick consistency paste. Apply this paste on your hair after washing it. When your hair is wet, apply it everywhere, and then put a shower cap on top. Let it sit for an hour, and rinse it with cold water. Apply this mask twice a week for better and fast results.

Olive oil will cure the dryness, split ends, and the breakage of your hair. This is one product that costs the least, is readily available, and will effectively solve your problem. 


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