Motherhood is a gift which is the most wholesome and enriching experience but at the same time it’s quite the task. Your wife, sister or a friend might be pregnant and its an astounding experience to be around a new born and watch in its unique entirety. But if you spend so much time with the baby and new mom, then you would wish to help them around. Its often difficult to understand what a new mom wants whether you have experienced the same or not.

Supporting a new mom is something that you will have to do gradually and with according to the wishes of the new mom. You don’t want to disturb  the new mother by working in a way that will increase her workload tenfold. So, what to do? Read on, and you will find out how can you help a new mom. It’s a journey definitely.


What to do to support a new mom?

Ask her-

What to do for a new mom will depend upon what her priority is. Ask her in what sector does she need your help? She may need you to cook for her and the family or she may ask you to look after the new born while she works. Hence, ask the new mother how will she like your help.

Take care of pets-

The pets will need to go for regular walks no matter the mom has the time or not. Take the pets for a walk for a while and feed them as well. Take care of their needs and you can lay them to rest with the mom for some company and adorable snuggles.

How to support a new mom
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Most people will bring food for the family for the first 2-3 3 weeks post pregnancy. But what they will really need you to provide is the food after that 1st crucial month. Hence, ask them what kind of meals do their family prefers and prepare some healthy and nutrition rich food for the mom and the family.

Gift them-

Who doesn’t like gifts? Moms do too. Even if you have gifted them something already, gift them again. They will feel thrilled and a change for once after sometime being cooped in the house. A gift for baby and momma will be most appreciated. For e.g. bath oil essentials for the momma and the  bath toys for the baby, so that they can enjoy quality bath time together.


The new mom probably hasn’t had the time to clean around the house and it may be in a state of mess. Just pick a room and start to organize the mess. You can even pick cleaning supplies and start cleaning around the house. You can even do some laundry and vacuuming around the house.

The new mom will also appreciate greatly if you drop her some compliment and surprised visits. But make sure to limit your visit and not overburden them, the mom might get tired after an hour or two. The new mom will also want some semblance of normalcy, so invite their family for a casual dinner and have a good time together!

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